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Prayer And The Laws of Reality

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Laws of reality vs. Prayer

If everything happens according to precise Laws, is there any reason for praying to God, Deities or Enlightened Beings? Yes there is, and in fact ‘the method of prayer’ is one of the most powerful and skillful method, especially when nothing else works.

You must understand that the Absolute does not change the ‘modus operandi’ of the Universe in order to comply with your requests, nor does it make exception. However, it does act through well defined Laws, and these Laws can be placed into operation, consciously or unconsciously, by accident or design and especially by prayer.


Believing in prayer

It is the operation of  these marvelous Laws, which have caused men in all ages and at all times to believe that there must be a personal Being or Beings who respond to their petitions and manipulated events in order to meet their demands. In reality, when someone employs the method of prayer in order to change their circumstances and events, the various Deities, God or Awakened Beings become catalysts of the all pervading power intrinsic to them as indivisible from all pervading Mind. Because of this, we are able to achieve our aims in harmony with the seven Principles of Reality.

How to strengthen your aura      

The aura is often spoken of in Hermetic teachings as an individual's ‘personal energetic field’. It is considered as the energetic frequency of the sum of all of a person's thoughts, intentions and emotions in the form of an energy field. This functions as a protective and attracting vitality magnet.

In the Tibetan tradition, for example, sometimes three types of energies are mentioned, which are essential to human life:

  • "Sog" or life force
  • "Tshe" or longevity energy
  • "La" which stands for protective energy

The ‘La’ is a type of individual energy that is also endowed with a protective function. Usually in the Tibetan tradition, when they want to strengthen or recall the "La," they need to receive proper instructions from a qualified Teacher and perform a specific ritual.

In the Hermetic tradition, on the other hand, you can employ visualizations in order to strengthen your personal protecting energy and vitality. Bear in mind that the best method of protection is always to maintain an atmosphere of positive intending will and virtuous motivation, which strengthens your personal power and makes the vibration of your Being function as a protective shield from any adverse influences.

Positive mind

A person whose mind is filled with love, courage and faith may neutralize a multitude whose minds are filled with hate and evil. The reason being that the positive pole being of a higher vibration always overcomes the negative pole because of the tendency of nature to always follow the direction of the dominant activity, which is also the positive general character of Pure Being.

Your ability to consciously radiate health, strength and harmony will bring you into a realization of fearlessness.


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