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Shed Pounds with Positive Thinking

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Cutting the fat is only possible when you believe in yourself.

While a fitness program and counting calories are integral elements for successful weight loss, your mindset is almost equally important. Remember that positive thinking and happy thoughts can’t do it all, but your attitude plays a huge part!


You have to tell yourself that you can lose weight. Even better, tell yourself that you are losing weight. Tell yourself that you are getting thinner and looking trimmer every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or step on the scale.

If you catch yourself ever saying that you can’t lose weight or that you won’t reach your ideal size, STOP. Then say to yourself in the affirmative (possibly out loud), “I can lose weight. I am getting slimmer and am closer to reaching my goals every day.”

You might even want to make up your own POSITIVE affirmations surrounding your weight loss, and repeat these to yourself daily when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. Remember though, avoid negative words like “no” or “not” – always talk to yourself in the positive.

While you’re at it, start telling yourself how much you love exercising as often as you can. Even as you start getting sore, exhausted and covered with sweat, say (through gritted teeth if you must) “I love exercise.” Again, make up your own affirmations and mantras, if they are more personal, they’ll mean more to you.



Maybe you want to live longer. You could just want to look better for swimsuit season. It could be that you want more energy when you play with your kids. Whatever your reason is, internalize it and constantly remind yourself, especially when you are about to falter.

Turn down seconds at dinner and remind yourself that you are doing so because you want less joint pain. When you are thinking about skipping your workout, think again, and tell yourself that you are going to the gym because you want to zipper your jeans again.
Regardless of why you want to lose weight, keep it in mind all the time and use it as a motivator to help you stay on track.


There are all sorts of celebrities and other high-profile people who have lost weight. Some of them have lost a lot of weight and now look absolutely amazing. Get to know these people, particularly if you spot a celeb with a similar physique.

Research your new role models as much as you can. Find as many before and after pictures of these people as you can and put them somewhere so that you will come across them several times a day. When you are researching, find out what they did to lose weight and try to do some of the things that made them successful.

Whenever you see your weight loss role models, tell yourself that you are just like them. Tell yourself that you are on your way to being just as fit and fabulous as they are. Remind yourself that you and these role models have so much in common; you are taking the same steps for weight loss, and you are equally successful in slimming down and shaping up. 


There are tons of other ways that you can help yourself achieve your weight loss goals through the power of positive thinking. Positive thoughts alone won’t help you get in shape and slim, but it is a major component in successful weight loss. You will shed pounds quicker and have more fun when you keep reminding yourself that you will lose weight, why you want to lose weight and that you are just like all those famous folks who slimmed down. Stay focused, on task and positive, and you will start to see results.

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