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Teaching Respect to Children: Do As I Do Not As I Say

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Show your kids respect in your own actions and they will follow your lead.

Five Acts That Build and Demonstrate Respect

As we raise our children and build strong relationships with them, it is important to teach them to have respect for themselves and others. We teach them to respect their elders, their teachers, their parents, and their friends.

It is important for parents to remember that children will most often do as they see not as we say. Modeling to them the appropriate behavior is the first step. When children feel that they are being respected they learn to be respectful to others. The following is a list of Five Acts That Build and Demonstrate Respect.

You Are There For Your Children –

When your child is speaking with you, it is important to give them the courtesy of giving them your complete and undivided attention. Show them the respect that you want them to provide to others. Too often parents are listening to their children while doing something else.

You Are Honest With Your Children –

Tell them the truth. It is okay to be honest with your children and admit to mistakes you have made in your life. Your children will feel more comfortable being open and honest when they see you do the same. As a bonus, it can become a learning experience for them and an opportunity to demonstrate your honesty.

You Are a Person Your Children Can Trust –

Children need to know that what is important to them is important to you as well. Do not share your children’s experiences and feelings with your friends. They should not be a source of conversation.

You Are Someone Your Children Can Count On –

Make your word count. When you say something to your children follow through with it. They should be able to rely on what you say.

You Consider Your Children –

Too often parents dismiss the importance of events and feelings of their children as not being as important as their own concerns. When you listen to your children understand and respect their perspective even if you do not agree.

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