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Ten Steps To Success In Business Management

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Business management is not the easiest proposition, but it’s not rocket science either. It does take particular skills and ambitions but if you don’t have all of the necessary traits to be successful that’s not necessarily a problem.

The vast majority of successful businesses have built capable management teams. Do you really think that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet built their empires on their own? Hardly.

Here are 10 traits of any effective business management venture.

  • Passion– This should be a consuming force within. Have a vision and believe in it. Presumably, you have put a bit of research into this undertaking and have mapped out a general plan for its realization.
  • Organization– This is a given. Not many endeavors, personal or professional succeed without good organizational skills. If you do not possess this particular trait find someone who does.
  • Communication– It is vastly important that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. Without communication you waste valuable resources and time repeating tasks, or worse yet, neglecting tasks that one party thought the other was responsible for.
  • Knowledge– Only a fool jumps in with both feet on any project unprepared. A keen working knowledge of the basics of your product or service is imperative. And don’t think that once you have done your research that the learning is over. Immerse yourself in all things that pertain to you and your undertaking in a “continuing education” manner.
  • Commitment– Commitment pays dividends, persistence is paramount. But be aware that the market is changing constantly; you must keep abreast of the trends in your field and apply them to your business venture.
  • Goal Oriented– Don’t make your goals too daunting, especially at first. Simple steps like “I will serve my first ten customers” or “I will make my first $100” are easily obtainable and will blow a little sunshine up your skirt at the end of the day giving you the confidence to go on to newer, somewhat loftier goals.
  • Problem Solvers– When problems arise, and they will, it is critical that you and your team address them post haste. Ignoring them is imprudent; they will not take care of themselves. In fact, it will only erode what you have worked so hard to achieve thus far in your business venture.
  • Competitive– You really need to have a burning desire to do better than the other guy. To outsell, outperform and in general outdo the opposition. Trust me, he feels the same way about you and he is going to cut you no quarter. Don’t be content to rest on your haunches once you’ve clawed your way to the top. Have the foresight to anticipate trends before the competition does, or better yet create your own trends.
  • Responsible– Don’t do things in a haphazard manner. Involve your team when decisions need to be made. Discuss them, weigh your options, settle on the best course of action and implement your plan.
  • Opportunistic– Seize opportunities when they arise. Have the courage to take advantage of the breaks that come your way and generate the ability to adapt to situations that present themselves.

So, you want to be a businessperson. Why not? A zillion people before you have been successful at it and so can you.

Admittedly, it takes more than a small amount of planning, drive and determination, but in the end you possess everything you need to succeed in any business venture you undertake. A business coach can help you draw on those in-born resources to make your business a success.


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