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The Law of Attraction and Giftedness

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The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away. Wow, what a mouthful, right? Okay so what exactly does that mean? Well simply put, it means that your unique gifts connect you to others through your authentic self or essence of self. So, if you are living and giving from a place of giftedness, then you are creating a deep sense of meaning and purpose.

What is giftedness?

Giftedness is all about giving and receiving. What goes around comes around! So when you give from a place of giftedness, you receive beautiful things in return, like gratitude, money, recognition, opportunities to name but a few.

But you also receive internal rewards in the way of soul food.This soul nourishment comes in the form of presence, which in turn creates grace, humility, congruency, certainty, resonance, connection and inspiration. These aspects of soul nourishment create a deep sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and wholeness. 

Think about a time when you were in your happiest moment. What was it that made that moment happy? What were you giving and in return receiving? Chances are you were working from giftedness.

When you express authentic giftedness, you attract the things you want in life toward you, like money, recognition and opportunities as well as a sense of fulfillment that nourishes the soul on a deep level.

Have you ever heard someone say “Do what you love, and the rest will follow”? Well this is how your giftedness creates what you want. If you do the things that you absolutely love doing, that bring you joy, you vibrate at a level to receive more of the same. In the world of The Law of Attraction, we attract towards us that what we think and feel.” 

The word to look out for here though, is the word authentic. You will only receive things when you focus on others and when you are not doing something purely for your own gain. If you just expect to be given external rewards but are not willing to give of yourself in return, authentically give of yourself, then you will not receive what you want.

So if you are expressing yourself through your gifts, with the thoughts of “What’s in it for me!” you might be surprised and disappointed with what you receive in return. I know that when I am working from this space, I push the things I want away BUT when I am giving and sharing my own gifts without wondering when it’s my turn to receive, abundance follows.

You see, when we are sharing and working from a place of authentic giftedness we are in flow. We are out of our mind and completely in the moment. We are not thinking of ourselves or what we can gain but rather in a state of bliss and contentment. This is where magic happens.


What are Unique Authentic Gifts?

Okay, so having said all of that, what do I mean by Unique Authentic Gifts? Many people wonder if your gifts are not just another word for your strengths. But this is not the case. 

You see your giftedness is Your “EFFORTLESS GENIUS.” It is what allows you to make an exceptional unique contribution to the world. It’s your magic, your universal DNA. It’s not something you are taught or have repeatedly done until you have become unconsciously competent at it (like your strengths), it is something you are born with. 

You know you are operating from a sense of giftedness when you hear people say things like “how does he do that?” or “I am not sure what he does, but every time I walk away from a meeting with him, I feel so alive”….

Understanding what your gifts are will allow you to understand who you really are and the amazing value that you bring to the world. It will give you the confidence in your natural abilities and help you understand how best to express yourself in your world and fulfill your life purpose. 

So what kinds of gifts are there? There are around 20 different gifts, some of them being the Gift of Mercy , the Gift of Wisdom, the Gift of Extraordinary Trust, the Gift of Encouragement, the Gift of Leadership to name a few. Each Gift comes with its own unique DNA of distinctions and elements and also has 3 Different Levels of Potency. (Primary, Secondary, Complimentary). Each individual has their own unmatched combination of gifts

Now I hear you saying, “If there are only twenty gifts how can you say that they are unique to us?” Well, just as there is no other you, there is no single way to express your gifts. Your expression of your gift is what makes it unique. Two people may share the same gift but it will come across differently though how you both chose to express it, mixed in with your own personality, emotion, style etc.

“So how do I discover my natural gifts?”  You connect with me, complete a 20 minute assessment, receive a report and a coaching conversation around your unique contribution to the world.

Excited?  You should be :)

written by sarah brink and shaune clark

Photo Credit : Corey Balazowich


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