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Three Awesome Tips for Coaches


Your tribe is waiting... Are you hiding out?


If you're struggling to sell your coaching services it may be because you're trying to SELL "coaching."

A lot of coaches struggle because they try to sell coaching. People don't want coaching - they want their dreams.

They want to reach their goals and move through the challenges they have. Coaching is just a means to an end. When you take your car in to be repaired, you don't care what tools they use, you just want your car fixed.

The same goes for coaching. Sell them on their desires, not "your coaching."



When doing a free session, leave people feeling good!

Do not use your free coaching sessions to pinpoint and nitpick on what you think is wrong with the person or what they're doing. If there's something "wrong" they'll often surface that up themselves if you're asking the right questions.

Make sure you leave people feeling better than how you found them. People remember how they felt when they were around you more than anything you said.


Your tribe is waiting for you, are you hiding out?

If you believe that your services can change someone's life for the better, but you don't let them know about it, you are doing them a disservice.

You've got to learn how to SELL... SERVE, SHARE (or whatever word feels good to you) because your tribe is waiting for you to show up to share your gifts. Hiding out serves no one.

Do you want to be a contributor or will you continue to hide out? Better question... "What else is possible?"

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  • Coach Nabukenya Muwonge
    Nabukenya Muwonge
    September 22, 2014

    This article is on point! I love it. I made all those mistakes. I was selling people "coaching" which they couldn't understand instead of outcomes. I also had a very serious disconnect with the marketing - so I wrote up content for services but I was not getting in front of the people whom my service was designed for and who, could benefit from it.

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