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Tips for New Managers

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Looking the part is just one aspect of learning how to be a successful manager.

Getting a promotion into management is an exciting time for many employees, but this new role can also be a bit scary. Many new managers could benefit greatly from executive coaching, as this transition can be stressful and many people have trouble adapting to a supervisory role. Even existing managers can often benefit from executive coaching and management tips to become better, more natural leader, and this is what the following tips for new managers are designed to give you.


Of all the tips for new managers, this is one of the most helpful. You surely got promoted to your new role because you were a fantastic employee; you acted in a way that made your supervisors take notice. As a manager, you should continue this model behavior because your subordinates will be more likely to follow your actions than follow your words. Respect the rules that you set to motivate workers and command more respect.



Many supervisors like to micromanage and control all aspects of what they oversee, but trying to put your hands in everything could cause more harm than good. Intervene when there is a problem, but when things are going well, you should leave things be. Of course, you should supervise; if you see things that could be done better or that don’t seem right, then step in.


You are a new manager; no one expects you to know everything. There are plenty of people around you that you can use as a resource. First and foremost, you should look to your team and other subordinates for help when you have questions. After that, when you need help, you should ask your peers. Of course, you can also go directly to your boss, but don’t waste his or her time with all of your queries; only go to your supervisor with your most urgent questions.


People are important and need to be treated respectfully, and a great way to do this is to get to know them better. You should find out as much as you can about those who will be reporting to you. You can do this by talking to them, of course, but you can also check personnel files and even scope them out on social networking sites like LinkedIn. With this information you can learn how to better supervise and motivate these different individuals, and you will also gain their trust and respect if they know you are taking interest in them.


These tips for new managers are just a few things you can try to become a better leader in your new role. Even if you are not new in your management position, these management tips can serve as good reminders of how to continue to be better and better at what you do. In addition to tips like these, managers of all experience could well benefit from executive coaching, as it can help to uncover management tips, strategies, and solutions that can help any manager further excel at what they do.

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