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When Should You Take Down Your Online Dating Profile?

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When should you take down your online dating profie?

Is there anyone here who doesn’t have an online dating profile? Or had one before? You’d be kidding me if you haven’t. Especially the Gen Zs. Online dating has become almost a rite of passage for the Gen Z’s and the millennials. Sorry, baby boomers. I know technology then wasn’t as advanced as it is right now.

I just checked my smartphone today. I scrolled up and down and checked all the dating apps that I have on my phone and checked my profiles. Is there one that I haven’t opened in a while? Is there one that I’vet forgotten about?

I really have quite a few. Three profiles, to be specific. It turns out that I have neglected my Bumble profile for quite some time, and I pondered about whether I should delete it. I’m already active in other apps and I’m fine...

I deleted my old profile and thought, why not write about it? And that formed the basis of this article: when should you take down your online dating profile?

Are you ready to delete your online dating profile?


As a dating coach, I’ve coached many clients on how to navigate the online dating scene. A major complaint from my clients is how many swipes they have to make before they get a match. It turns out that a majority of profiles on these dating apps are not active.

Maybe you just set up a profile and then realised that the app wasn’t good for you. Or maybe something blossomed from your online dating and you’re now in a romantic relationship. As a result you don’t use the app anymore.

Or maybe you just aren’t cool with the whole online dating “thing” and you are more traditional. “Old school” they might call you. This article covers these and other scenarios when it is appropriate to take down your old dating profile.

 At least you will increase the likelihood of my clients getting a match by not going through so many inactive profiles on dating apps.



Checklist: When to delete your dating app profile


I get it. Everyone needs a break once in a while. We cannot spend all our time on dating apps. Sometimes we need time for our careers, our relationships, our family and, you know, getting busy with life.

 I’m pretty sure that being bombarded with notifications from your dating app every now and then can be annoying. I just checked my phone now. Almost 10 notifications. They seem to come just about every other minute.

I’m not intending to open them for sure. Especially since these apps sometimes bombard us with clickbait notifications in order to draw us in and keep us scrolling on their sites...

As a dating coach, if you face such a scenario, then I’d advise you to just go ahead and click the delete button on your profile. This will at least get one inactive profile off the sites. So that next time I swipe right or left, I’m swiping with someone active on the site.

The companies that own these apps have stated that this is a significant problem that they have to tackle. There are so many inactive profiles on their sites.

However, don’t take down your profile if all you want is to have a minor break. Maybe uninstalling the app and reinstalling it would be better in such a scenario.


Yes, have you been lucky enough to find that special someone and you are no longer interested in online dating? Online dating is a tough gig. There are so many games out there.

You get a match, then get the conversation kicking, and before you know it, you’ve been ghosted. But you are still hopeful, and so you go back to swiping again. This is one of the major complaints of my clients.

So if you’ve found someone special via these apps, then I’d say lucky you! Sorry, let me not disparage these apps. I’ve been successful before. I know a couple of my acquaintances who have been as well. And quite a good number of my clients have also gotten dates that have blossomed into relationships via online dating.

Once I have gotten a date and things are going smoothly, I always ponder whether or not it's appropriate to delete my online dating profile. I get it. However, as a dating coach, here is my advice.

Don’t be too quick to do it. Just wait a while and assess how things are going while dating. Who knows? It could turn out that the person whom you thought was a good "catch" on Tinder wasn’t worth the salt after all. And then you might have to set up a whole new profile if you deleted one before.

However, if you’ve found someone special and you are really sure that they are the one, then I’d recommend that you take down your profile and kiss online dating goodbye.


Online dating coach creating a profile

Now it seems that there is a new online dating site or app every other day. That’s good. It's fine that we are spoiled for options. I know it can then be tempting to open online dating profiles on every one of them as you try out your chances.

That’s usual. However, over time, you may have that one profile on one app that you kind of forgot about. As I have stated above, this profile is likely to fall into the long list of inactive profiles present on dating sites.

I’d recommend that every once in a while you take note of your previous dating activities. This will help you find that one profile that you’ve forgotten about over time. Then you can delete it.

As a dating coach, I’ve been guilty of this as well. Sorry. I just found out that I had forgotten my Bumble profile even existed. I’ve kind of focused on other apps for the time being. Before writing this article, I proceeded to delete the profile.

Sorry to all those who swiped right on my profile. One thing that I advise my clients to do is to try their hand on multiple dating sites. However, I always remind them that they should remember to delete their profiles if they don’t intend to remain active on the sites.


I get it. Not all dating apps are good. Some just suck. Maybe there are constant glitches every now and then. Maybe their algorithms are not good enough and it's hard for you to land a good match.

Or maybe their user interface sucks. It’s so easy then to create a profile on these apps and then neglect it later on when you are dissatisfied with the app. In this case, it's imperative to delete the dating profile.

As a dating coach, I get complaints from my clients that the last site I recommended wasn’t good enough. I get it. Their premium fee was too high. Or they want one that offers a much more customised dating experience.

My advice to them is to go ahead and delete their profiles before jumping onto the next site. It is also common for novices in online dating to try just about every app that comes out.

However, I’d always recommend that you stick to a few well-suited apps and make sure that you take down your profile on the others. The fewer the better. Nevertheless, don’t limit yourself to just one.


I know a couple of my acquaintances who just don’t get the whole online dating thing. Several swipes left and right on these apps haven’t gotten them the results that they’ve been looking for.

They are more old-school in their approach to dating and see online dating as a complicated affair. I get it. We might not all have a similar approach to dating. My approach has always been to try them all.

Try this app, then open a profile. If it doesn’t suit me right, I'll delete the profile, go for a blind date arranged by friends or meet people in social encounters.

A recent client called to complain that he had been frustrated with online dating sites and wanted coaching on other dating methods. He’s of the baby boomer generation. Meeting people through social encounters is their "thing".

We proceeded to take down his online profiles before enrolling him in further coaching sessions.


Scrolling for love online

Is your Tinder account building cracks in your relationship? Or your Bumble or Badoo account, for that matter. Relationships are all about trust.

Receiving Tinder notifications on your phone while with your partner doesn’t quite speak of commitment. I get it. You might have good intentions despite having that old Bumble profile that you haven’t checked in a while.

However, from your partner’s perspective, having a dating app while in a committed relationship doesn’t speak of someone who has "settled" down. It sends signals of someone who is still "looking" and weighing their options.

The usage of dating apps in relationships has been one of the issues that many dating coaches have had to face. Countless partners have complained of how they have been unsettled by their partners' constant use of dating apps.

They’ve pondered over whether to end their relationships as a result. A quick fix to this has always been to advise their partners to delete their online dating profiles in order to restore trust in their relationships.


What does Quora have to say about this? In case you wondered: At what point in a relationship should someone delete their Tinder profile?What does Quora say about when you should take down that online profile of yours?

Katie’s answer underscores my point. The bar is high in monogamous relationships. This is especially when you have both explicitly agreed to be EXCLUSIVE.

So if you’re exclusive, what is the reason for having an online dating profile? Unless you are not really as "exclusive" as you say.


Looking for love online on dating apps

Has your partner's use of dating apps been a constant thorn in your relationship? Bringing this issue to your partner's attention can be a tricky subject.

It’s often said that cheating is both a physical and an emotional affair. If your partner is texting and checking out someone on a dating platform, there will surely be suspicion in your relationship.

So if you are in the unenviable position of having to raise this issue with your partner, my advice, as a dating coach, is to always be upfront while bringing such issues to your partner's attention. Bottling it up does nothing to resolve such issues.

Be totally open and relay your concerns about their usage. Especially when you have both agreed to be exclusive. Having a candid conversation with your partner on this is often enough to resolve this.

However, if they persist, I think it is appropriate for you to assess whether the relationship is right for you.

Caution: It is not advisable to broach this issue in the early stages of your dating. Everyone is always weighing their options, and no one has really settled. This only raises red flags of someone being possessive all too soon.


Online dating has been a game changer in dating. However, who said that online dating is all that there is to dating? Anyone? Who said that old school methods of meeting someone via social events or friends aren’t effective in dating anymore?

Sometimes it is appropriate to delete that unnecessary online dating profile. We could be busy with life to spend all of our time endlessly swiping on dating apps. Or you could be lucky enough to have something blossom out of a Tinder match.

All these can sometimes be reasons why taking down your online dating profile is the right thing to do. Just assess your situation and decide whether it is okay to keep it up or to take it down


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