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Why Don't We Meditate?

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Every individual has their own reasons for doing mediation. Whatever the reason or whenever we start this journey, the path finally meets at the same terminus—meeting super consciousness—irrespective of why, how and when we start.

1. Ego: Meditation is the path to awaken our subconscious mind. So the conscious ego prevents this control going to the subconscious mind. Gradually when we practice and start to master the art of mind control, the conscious ego surrenders control to our pure subconscious mind.

2. Faith: In meditation, faith is extremely important but since results are not immediately visible we tend to lose faith.

There are several ways to stay on this path as it leads to spirituality. Find someone who can guide you in meditation and I am sure you will never change your course of life ever.

Manish Behl is a certified meditation and energy healing practitioner and available for any kind guidance in your spiritual journey. 


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