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Why You Should Hire a Wellness & Life Coach

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When do you need a life coach?

There are always reasons, and always "a list" of factors involved when making a decision. In this case, these are the top reasons why people hire a life coach. This is based on information I have collected from clients, friends and family.

Reason Number 1. I feel blocked and stuck. 

Sometimes you can hit a roadblock in life and feel like you just won’t ever be able to go anywhere else. Or you’re in a rut and it feels like every day you’re waking up on repeat. Something is missing, but you can’t determine what it is.

This is the perfect scenario for an integrative wellness and life coach. Their primary purpose is to help you analyze all aspects of the self to determine what’s off balance and bring alignment to help you get out of that rut, remove any obstacles and move on. Life coaches love helping you analyze and clear your path.

Reason Number 2. I feel (insert negative feeling here) and I don’t know how to feel better.

Emotions are tricky. One day you can wake up feeling positive about life and kick butt at everything you do, and the next you may feel like you don’t want to get out of bed. Sometimes that latter feeling is something you’re going through for long stretches of time. You may have things working against you subconsciously that you need to clear out. Or, you might need help releasing habits that are no longer serving you - a perfect life coach scenario.

Reason 3. I have been wondering about therapy, but know I don’t want (or think I need) a medical diagnosis to get some direction.

Not everyone needs to see a professional therapist to get a handle on their life. Some people just want someone to confirm how they’re feeling and help them take action to move in a new direction.

A life coach doesn’t tell you what to do, they simply empower you to make the changes you desire. Sometimes you just need that extra push, and want someone there with you on along the way. Life coaches are a great alternative for therapy, and either way, certified coaches are required to recommend and refer you to a professional when necessary.

Reason Number 4. I absolutely know that I am not living the life that I want to live.

You have a vision for your life. You know how you want it to be, you know what you want to be. Yet day in and day out you wake up and, get this, you are living some other life. It’s essentially as if you are living someone else’s life! It’s crazy and you want to fix it. But how? Life coaches empower you to make your dreams a reality.

Reason Number 5. I want to expand upon my own wonderful life path.

Even when things are humming along wonderfully, it’s great to have a coach by your side cheering you on, enhancing your experiences, and bringing you new techniques across your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual systems to really kick things up a notch. In fact, most of the top performers across every industry in the world have some sort of coach in their circle. Life coaching can help you outperform.



Now that you’ve determined that you’re ready to hire a life coach, what comes next? You need to select your life coach. Coaching services are not all the same. When, searching for your life coach there are a few things you should have in mind at the onset to help you identify the perfect coach for you and your current situation:

  1. Consider whether you know the type of coaching you’re interested in. For example, if you know you’re trying to leave a habit behind, or if you know you are in a rut in your relationship, a coach focused on careers may not be the perfect match. You’ll want to dig into the type of life coaching services they offer. 
  2. Decide how you would like to be coached – in person, over the phone, online, or through live video calls. These are all options, but searching for a coach who is local can be enhanced and easier to find through recommendations of friends or local doctors or businesses, compared to searching online.
  3. Think about the cost of a coach and how much you are able to spend at this time. A coaching commitment can be hourly, weekly, monthly or annually. Some coaches offer workshops and programs that are condensed to help you make breakthroughs in a shorter timeframe. Many coaches offer free consultations. These help you to better understand their coaching style and structure, and the amount of time they may require to help you feel successfully coached. That’s important to understanding the financial commitment to expect over time.
  4. Think about your comfort level with the information you will be sharing. Coaches dive deep, and it’s important that they do. They cannot be effective if you are not being honest or fully transparent in your sessions. If you worry about privacy, ensuring that your coach is bound by a set of ethical and legal standards is worth a little bit of extra time researching. Dig into their certification, the coaching organization they are registered with, and validate their credentials and the standards with the coaching organization if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  5. Coaching approaches are important. A regular ‘life coach’ will sometimes only provide guidance on mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your life, in silos, without correlating issues together. Most life coaches leave emotional well being to a therapist. Some coaching organizations such as the ICF do not allow for coaching the emotional system. However, a new practice of ‘integrative wellness and life coaching’ from organizations such as the IWA dig into the correlations of an issue across all of the systems, including emotional. If you have a deep-rooted issue to work on, you should ask about the approach to be taken before hiring your coach.


Your greatest ally and what will make your experience with a life coach a success is simple. It’s all in taking action. You’ve taken the first step by researching reasons to hire a life coach. You’ve also gained a basic understanding of what it takes to find the right coach for you. 

What do you believe is the next best action for you? Perhaps selecting a coach today from lifecoachhub, or signing up for a free consultation, or calling the coach on the card that a friend gave you. Or sign up for a free consultation with me. Whatever feels right to you is going to be the next right move, for you! 

So, what are you waiting for? 


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