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4 Steps to Reaching Life's Mountain Peaks

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We Must Reach The Peak

Facing Obstacles

It is no secret that WE ALL experience obstacles that come into our lives or we must face during our lifetime. Often, these obstacles appear to be bigger than they really are. And once we begin to think and believe that we can sometimes see those obstacles as “mountains in our lives”. Maybe it is an obstacle, a decision, a life event or simply something we come to experience that we haven’t before. Regardless of what it is, we CANNOT afford to allow those mountains to become a hinderance. We MUST reach the peak of every mountain and not be satisfied with just the climb. Here’s 4 Tips to Reaching Life’s Mountain Peaks.

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Tip #1

“It’s a CHOICE” – Don’t get mistaken. There is a choice to every single encounter we face in our daily journeys. That choice whether good or bad is a decision we make when we have more than one option or possibility before us. As we face our mountains, the CHOICE is to make progress towards the mountain top (summit).

You see, every mountain has many peaks but only one summit (mountain top). The peaks are simply high points we find while climbing the mountain. Peaks can be found all around the mountain. So, as we climb these mountains, we need to accept that this climb will take time and effort. Yes, our goal is to reach the mountain top, but we first must choose (make a CHOICE) to reach its peak(s) first.

So first comes the choice to not simply climb to the top but making sure to reach the peak(s) that are before us. Why is this a “CHOICE”? When choosing to climb to the mountain’s peak(s), we are following the “course”. We are choosing to not have it all at once. We want to experience the mountain’s life lessons. Taking a break not to stop nor quite but relishing in the moment and processing what we are going through. Make the CHOICE to not just learn to climb the mountain but learn about the mountain as you reach its peak(s). “IT’S a CHOICE”

Tip #2

“HAVE CONVICTION” – It is a DANGEROUS climb in life when there is no conviction present. Anyone can stand for something. But it’s a “choice” and a “conviction” to stand ON something. Our convictions as we climb life’s mountain peak(s) is to have a solid belief in what we are doing. If doing the climb, we become distracted to a sense of forgetfulness, we will grow uneasy and want the mountain top experience before even reaching its peak(s).

Our conviction comes in the attitude of regardless of how hard and how long it takes, the climb will continue. Regardless of if we must step down in order to step over or around, the climb will continue. The course can be altered as long as our steps are ordered. And when we KNOW that our steps are ordered we have a conviction even before the climb began. Regardless of what it takes, conviction stands on the promise but also the PRIORITY! The climb, because this is what we must do, will continue! The climb, because this is what is best, will continue! The climb, because we are standing ON something, will continue! “HAVE CONVICTION”

Tip #3

“BE COMMITTED” – Now that “choice” and “conviction” are present, it is time to “be committed”. We have seen the mountain and its peak(s). We’ve made the decision (choice) and believe (conviction) it’s beneficial to climb. It is of high priority that we “be committed” to the climb.

Commitment is our dedication, duty, and devotion to what we are standing on. It is the action to our conviction and choices. Commitment to climbing life’s mountain peak(s) will involve two actions on our behalf. The first is attentiveness. It makes no sense to experience the mountain without experiencing the climb. There are lessons to be learned during the climb. Attentiveness means we are observing during the climb. That is why we take our time to soak in the experience of the climb and not focus on the experience of the mountain.

The second action is our assurance. Having assurance during the climb means we have confidence in our abilities. There are roads we have not traveled before. There are places we have not been before. And there are mountains we have NEVER climbed before. But there is at least one road, one place and one mountain that “we’ve been there and done that”. So be confident in knowing that if it has been done before, it can be done again. In other words, “BE COMMITTED”.

Tip #4

“HAVE A WILL” – Now we have “choice”, “conviction” and “commitment”. The summation of all these characteristics is having a “will”. Having the will to climb the mountain to its peak(s).   This means that there is a REAL determination that forms my “WILL” to climb and during the climb. There can not be any mental lapses but mental fortitude.

Block out the negative and replace with the positive. Don’t allow thoughts of defeat or despair to formulate into giving up. Don’t give in to thoughts regarding previous mountain experiences. Although we have assurance in our abilities because of past experiences, each mountain brings a different experience. To “have a WILL” means that there is more to this than a desire to climb. It is a declaration to climb. Which means before the climb begins, declare the victory. And when this happens, our “choice”, “conviction” and “commitment” are the actions that really follow and not precede “HAVING A WILL”.

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