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A Healthy Thinking Mind

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Healthy Mind

Do you know what kind of movie is playing in the theater of your mind? Are the scenes rather neat, a string of big wrecks, or something in between?  

It is important, especially for religious workers, to get to know more precisely the nature of human mental powers that make possible a peaceful and contented mind.  

To lead a truly full life, it is vital to:

  1. Increase understanding of what mental powers human persons actually have
  2. Study healthy mental living
  3. Enhance your mental hygiene
  4. Reduce thinking-related problems
  5. Feel mentally whole
  6. Find greater joy and peace

Fine life coaching provides keys and models for improving the strength and fruitfulness of your thinking.

Historic male and female models of healthy thinking minds include the apostle Paul, Thomas Aquinas, Edith Stein, Saint Thomas Moore, and C. S. Lewis. These shining role models stand in stark contrast to Adolf Hitler, Cyrano de Bergerac, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Hanibal Lecter in the "Silence of the Lambs" movie or John Nash in “A Beautiful Mind” film. It is beneficial for all of us to keep in mind that learning what is true is a key to the overall improvement of our mental health.

For example, to start this "state of mind" review process, what type of description can be given for the mental power of perception? From the videomaker’s perspective, perception has a lot to do with “image capture.”  That is, the really useful function of perception is to receive the most excellent picture of what the camera is seeing …”

Another pivotal mental power people have is the power of reason.  Is your rational intellect too rigid or in disarray?

Also, the memory of a past event can be “beneficial."

It is wise to get a checkup of one’s mental powers. Psychological wholeness, which is aimed at improving mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, is a cornerstone for successful life coaching.

Carmelite priest and Saint John of the Cross spoke well of the intellectual life, and ordering it in an emotionally healthy way to the spiritual life: A firm spiritual life builds on a firm mental life.

Living with a healthy thinking mind faciliates greater psychological wholeness so that greater holiness may spring forth.

The concept of healthy "mental hygiene" is like a fine conductor leading a very capable group of musicians whom she has organized well; and, they work harmoniously together with joy.

You can learn which of your mental powers need improvement so you can make progress toward a more peaceful and contented mind.  

Here are some typical comments of life coaching clients providing feedback about the value of focusing for a time on improving one's manner of thinking:

  • "The good analogy you made --that perception is about 'image capture" --impressed me."  [Sr. Caty] 
  • "The case example, the candy store scenario, is well done."  [Sr. Mary N.]
  • "I was sorry that I was not taught this material earlier in my life."  [Magda L.]
  • "I realized that I did not know it all."  [Fr. Dahlin]

An overall healthy thinking mind can help you to lead a happy and virtuous life.  

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