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Fill Your Own Shoes

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Be Different and Accept Your Uniqueness

Dream Big

Never let anyone tell you that your dreams and aspirations are too big for you. If you can see yourself fulfilling your hearts desires, the mission is for you. "You have big shoes to fill" is an old idiom that means that there are high expectations to meet from someone who came before you.

Although everyone has a different path to walk, you should never compare yourself or even your walk to someone else. I think it is good idea to take good advice, direction, and counsel from someone whom may have accomplished a goal that you want to accomplish. I don't believe you should compare yourself to them as a person. 

What has been destined for you, is for you. When we compare ourselves to other people and say that we can't fill their shoes, that is true...

  • If the shoe was passed to you it's now yours and does not belong to the other person.
  • We should have our own shoes, dreams, goals, and aspirations to fill. 
  • We accomplish this by creating new goals in life.
  • Goals help you move forward.  
  • You can move forward in every area of your life without comparing your success to someone else. 
  • Going forward is a great adventure, especially if you have been complacent for a long time.
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Follow your own destiny

Filling your own shoes puts you in motion so that you don't waste time. Time stands still for no one and shoes don't fill themselves. So if you have a big pair of shoes, dreams, aspirations, goals, or visions to fill. You can do it because you have what it takes. 

The bigger the opportunity, the more room to grow. So dream big and expand your horizons. I believe in you accomplishing your goals, because you are an inspired creation. While on your journey in life you may have to step over obstacles to get where you are going. Be creative in how you maneuver your steps.

At some point in life, we need to build a bridge to reach our next destination.

  • A bridge is a structure built to span physical obstacles and sometimes mental obstacles without closing the way to your destination.

Often we notice that the obstacles that have been obscuring our path are objects in our lives that we simply cant avoid, like our past. It would be hard to deny that life sometimes deal bad hands and that bad things happen to good people. Although there may be issues in your life at this very moment, those issues should not play such a detrimental part in your life that you can't either resolve them or move past them.

March to the beat of your own drum

I am an advocate for moving forward in life. I encourage you to move to your next level. I believe that if it takes building a bridge and crossing over to avoid a few things you have what it takes. You deserve to celebrate YOU in a good place, because you are an inspired creation. Give yourself permission to be different and to accept your uniqueness.

Give yourself permission not to follow the same path everyone else is taking.  If you are being led another way on your journey of life and you believe it will lead you to great results, it may just work for you. 

You may have noticed that what worked for others may not be working in your favor.  Direction is important on your destination. If you dedicate time and energy towards your goals in life, you will learn to navigate according to your own unique vision and plans. You have to trust the process and believe in yourself. It is important to do the following:

  • Realize that you are an inspired creation so fill your own shoes
  • Build a bridge for your successful journey
  • Take your own steps from good to great 

How life coaches can help you

I would love to coach on your journey. At some point in our lives, we all need a good coach, while we are trying to fill our shoes with purpose, step our own way, and build bridges for success. I believe that a good coach stands in your corner to motivate and encourage you along the way. I also believe that while they are a part of your team creativity and uniqueness should be offered.

These unique coaching styles could consist of different aspects, such as:

  • Journaling assignments
  • Team building exercises
  • Self-improvement articles and videos etc.

I believe it is important for every client to know that life is about choices. They should be encouraged to choose to be themselves and embrace their life with hope that where you are now is on the way to where you want to be.

The client has to be willing to embark upon the possibilites of life by setting attainable goals. As a coach, we should be attentive and honest with our clients if the goals they have set are not feasible to reach in the time allotted. We should always want our clients to move forward, fill shoes, and build bridges.

Nevertheless, we have to be careful not to give false hope, but still remind them that their visions and goals are worthy and that they are capable of reaching any well thought out and planned goal in their lives.

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