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How to Avoid A Number One Mistake: Start Your Journey with Support

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The One Mistake I've Seen Clients Make Time and Time Again

Change can be uncomfortable. It's inevitable and constant, yet the pain of change still exists. It usually stems from learning to adapt out of your comfort level.

As someone that has worked with countless clients on reorganizing their lives, improving time management, and building a plan for the future there is one mistake I've seen clients make over and over again that creates turmoil and upsets the balance of their home, and sometimes work life. 

That one mistake is a failure to communicate.

The good news is failure is something that happens on the road to success. One often needs to fail in order to suceed. But this mistake of not communicating can be avoided.

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How to Avoid Making The Same Mistake

A journey is far more fun and interesting when you have company. I like to think of the changes my clients make in order to achieve the success they want as a journey.

So, if you're comfortable with sharing, let your partner know what you're doing. When you're in the midst of creating a future plan, reorganizing your life, or engaging in time management, most of the plans you'll be making will be about better futures, and these futures usually contain both people.

So bringing your partner in when creating a vision board, a schedule, and so on is actually a very helpful technique. It will reduce the discomfort felt when you're being pulled away or changing behaviors. Having two people work together on a plan is far more satisfying and enjoyable than going at it alone.

But again, you must be comfortable with including your partner. If this is an optio,n it can open new bonds and deeper commitments. 

If sharing is not an option, taking the journey can be just as satisfying but be aware of the possibility of discomfort during the change to keep your focus on the larger picture, the vision, the reason you're making these changes. 

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