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How to Be a Morning Person: A Back to School Coaching Tip

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Become a morning person

Back to School... Are you struggling to be a morning person?

Well, it's that time of year again.  Back to school.  For some, life won't change.  But for those of you with kids or who are teachers, not waking up to an alarm will soon be a thing of the past.  Not a morning person?  That's okay.  Incorporate some or all of these quick tips into your life and your mornings won't seem so early or hectic.

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Prepare for the morning ahead the night before

The night before, try to prepare as much as you can. Have your outfit picked out for the next day and if you have children, do the same for them.  Have a plan for breakfast and prepare that, if you can.  Have your lunch and the kid's lunches packed and ready to go.  The more you can do the night before, the more time you'll have in the AM to get the essentials accomplished.

Schedule 5-15 (or more) minutes for "me time"

One of the hardest things about getting up in the AM is feeling tired still. (For me at least) I found that once I started to change my focus from, "Oh, I feel tired and don't want to get up." to "Oh, I can smell the coffee brewing and coffee always makes my mornings better!", I started jumping out of bed! So, find that special something that you can incorporate into your AM routine that will make you WANT to get out of bed. Read the newspaper, pray, or even get a little workout in. Whatever you choose, just make it all about you!

Say affirmations

"I am awesome!" "Today is going to be a GREAT day!" "I can accomplish anything!"  These are all great examples of some affirmations that can easily brighten your AM.  Changing your negative thoughts like, "Ehh, the alarm already? 5 more minutes!" to "I am unstoppable and will make this day a GREAT one!" really will set the correct tone for the day. Try it...you just might like it! :)

Yes, you can be a morning person too!

Mornings don't have to be stressful; however, most of us think they are due to a lack of preparing.  Gear yourself up for an awesome day ahead by taking these simple steps into consideration.  Things won't always go exactly the way you planned them, even your mornings.  But the more prepared you are, the better recovery you will make and the better your morning will be because of it.

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