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How to Conquer Fear in Three Steps (and a bonus)

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Fear and worry are two emotions that create obstacles on the road to the success you desire. Having tools in your arsenal to conquer these road blocks to your success will bring more happiness into your life.

How fear is holding you back

Think about when you're stressed because of fear or worry.

  • How many times have you chosen not to do something because of your fear?
  • How many times have you lost out on opportunities because your fear kept you from going for your dreams?
  • How much happier will you be in life if you work past your fears and go for it?
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How to conquer fear: Step 1

The first step to overcoming fear and/or worry is to acknowledge those feelings. There is a reason you're feeling these emotions and many times if you acknowledge and analyze them, you might find those reasons the worry or fear exist are because of issues that you can easily overcome or work around.

Say you're worried or fearful about public speaking. After you analyze these feelings you find the fear stems from not being prepared. Maybe you're not sure if the technical aspect of your speech is ready, you're concerned about the equipment, the Powerpoint isn't up to par or you're concerned how this will all work as you're speaking. Acknowledging and analyzing your fear will give you the opportunity to reach out to an expert for help or allow you to take another look at your work.

How to conquer fear: Step 2

Which leads us to the second step in conquering fear or worry. Once you've analyzed and acknowledged the feelings for what they are trying to tell you, it's important to replace it. Find a solution to what is causing the emotional response. Maybe you decide to eliminate the Powerpoint all together and use props instead. 

How to conquer fear: Step 3

The third step to conquering fear is to recognize what is in your control. There are simply things you can't control and recognizing this, acknowledging it, and moving past it will help you to conquer your fear and worry. How many times have you worried about something you had no control over? 

Bonus point

All of these steps become easier if you have a vision in mind. Do you have a vision of success? Have you solidified this vision of success in your mind? This is often one of the first things a coach has you do when you start working with them. You need a destination before you can map out the journey. 

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