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How to Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed: Three Smart Tips

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Deal With Chaotic Days and Overwhelm

It's quite common to feel overwhelmed when there are several tasks and obligations to deal with every day of every week. It's good to have a system that you can rely on to help keep your days balanced and productive.

How to Deal WIth Feeling Overwhelmed: Three Tips

Three ways to deal with overwhelming and chaotic days:

  1. Write a nightly to-do list
  2. Every Sunday, write down your weekly goals/priorities
  3. Schedule important tasks into your calendar

Writing the nightly to-do list helps you plan and prepare for your day.

You'll essentially be writing a set of instructions for you to follow. If you don't write a daily to-do list, you might forget tasks or not know where to start. By writing a to-do-list every day, you will be more productive.

Writing out weekly goals/priorities is another great way to set your intentions and plan for the week ahead.

It'll help reduce anxiety and feeling overwhelmed when completing several tasks.

By scheduling important tasks into your calendar, you're giving them priority by blocking out a time for them.

There's a much higher chance of finishing the task.

Put these ideas into practice and you'll feel more in control of your days. You'll be able to avoid that uneasy feeling of being overwhelmed caused by having too many tasks.

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