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How to Stick with your Health Goals

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It’s too often that people start getting fit and healthy, only to fall off the wagon and go back to all their old habits – don’t let that be you! To keep working toward your goals, you should try:

  • Have a big goal, but set small, attainable goals as benchmarks along the way.
  • Change it up. If you eat the same stuff every day and do the same workout you and your body will get really bored.
  • Work with a professional. Checking in with health and fitness pros will teach you new things and can keep you on track.

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  • Edward harris
    April 15, 2013

    I recommend the final tip of working with a professional. Honestly, it's great having tons of motivation and support to stay fit and healthy, but if your main goal is to lose weight and to keep it off, working with a fitness trainer is a must, mainly because they can help you figure out a diet as well as ensure you are doing the proper exercise to target your problem areas. Sure, running on a treadmill will help with cardio and overall weight loss and stamina building, but what about toning and firming up? A trainer will help with all of those!

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  • www.lifecoachhub.com
  • www.lifecoachhub.com

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