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Making the Best Out Of Today

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Beep beep beep…ahhh, you hit the alarm for the second snooze! It’s a Monday morning and you are dreading today, the week, the month, etc. It’s a general feeling that overcomes you often…like every day!

I have this same feeling and I love both of my jobs. I dislike some days that requires a specific task or meeting, but mostly I dislike leaving my family all day to play and learn without me.

So you want to know how to keep moving each day and not dwell on what you are missing or what you should be doing instead, IE sleeping, playing with your kids, or out on the beach? Here are a few tips that I use when I am having a hard time leaving my kiddos to work.

  • Deep breathing ( Yes I have this in all my tips and steps).
  • Find one positive out of the day and focus on that.
    E.g.- If it’s your favorite TV show or being able to take a walk with your good friend later that evening.
  • Reach deep down for the best you.
    E.g.- Tackle that meeting with knowledge or confidence or finish your pile of paperwork on your desk and keep checking off your to do list.

There is so much to be happy for each day of our lives, but we tend to focus on the everyday yucky routines that put us in a slump. I guarantee that if you use these few tips you will feel much better about your day and your future.

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