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Shadows During the Holidays

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Learn a Healthier Way to Respond to Stress

Holiday Shadows

The holiday season can trigger the monsters inside that we try to keep pushed down. These monsters are our Shadows. We all have them.

  • It is the frustration at the rush to get things done
  • The anger at rude people
  • The envy of those that can afford things and so many more of the negative emotions.

These shadows are there to mirror something within ourselves. Once we begin to understand our triggers, then we can consciously choose to not react in a negative way.

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Understanding your shadow

Our shadows are not bad since they are the doorway to our own healing and empowerment. Your shadows can also clue you in to your life purpose. The Shadow of not being good enough needs to be served by serving others. It is a wonderful feeling to see a person work through their Shadows.

  • When you experience a Shadow, stop and take a breath.
  • Ask yourself "what just happened that triggered it?"
  • When you keep track of this, you begin to see a pattern.
  • Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself and not let that shadow roar out uncontrollably.

You can change the outcome of a situation by doing this.

Working on your own shadows

Every person on this planet has Shadows and sometimes ours clashes with another person's Shadow in a negative way. When you consciously work on your Shadows, then you begin to feel an inner peace.

  • You will find that you become not as quick to react.
  • Your own peace is worth it.
  • You are worth it.

Doing Shadow work is a wonderful way you can heal and transform your life. There can be peace in the midst of the storm.

Controlling your shadows

Holidays can be so hectic and chaotic and it easily brings out our shadows. You can make an agreement with yourself to make it more peaceful. This time of year can bring out rude people. Being rude back just makes everything worse and gives you more stress.

  • Let it go.
  • Do not give them power over you.

Your Shadows are about You and not the other person. When you get triggered, it is about You and not what that person is actually doing. If you don't Like something about someone that shows something In you that you don't like about yourself. That person is actually just a mirror.

Facing your shadows

It is hard to face our own Shadows. But once we do, it is amazing to see how life turns around. It is all to easy to get frustrated and give in to it. That creates a domino affect with others around you.

You can change this to a more positive experience. Life is always going to have stress and unexpected things happen. The trick is learning a healthier way to respond and not react.

Meditating to manage your shadows

Meditating on your Shadows is a good way to get what the message is from the Shadow. You can ask what the message is. Shadows are precious gifts to teach us. If only we could see and recognize that.

  • You can write a dialog with your Shadow to see what comes up. Just let the words flow. Don't try to control it.
  • You can use tarot cards to help with Shadow Work. They can give you more insight on the situation.

Learning from your shadows

Shadows are here for us to teach us. We just have to be willing to hear and learn. People need to be heard. Sometimes, other people's shadows are roaring and we get caught up in reacting to their Shadows. In being mindful of this, we can change the outcome to a more positive experience.

Letting someone know that you hear them over the Holidays may be all that they need. Share some cheer and joy with people. This is what the holidays are about. When you can step outside of yourself and your relations to bring a smile to someone else, then a shift happens. It is like magic!

Anger is good in that it can be a motivator for change. But it is in what you Do with that anger that matters.

Pursuing growth

Empower yourself to grow. It is why we are all here. Shadows are our friends, not enemies. Everything is about perception. When you shift your perception, then your life changes.

  • You are worth it!
  • You are worth Peace.
  • Thank your Shadows for their gifts.
  • Being Grateful changes your life in positive ways.
  • Honor your Shadows.
  • It is Your life. Take control of it.
  • By gently holding the reins, you will fly freely and not slam into trees.

Let the healing begin

Trust me, that hurts! In healing your Shadows, you form wings to freedom and the boulder holding you down is released. This is Your life and you have the right to breathe some relief in knowing your unconscious gives you the tools you need.

You are like a fledgling bird flapping its wings. Knowing you can fly. You just need practice. And that is ok. We are all in the same boat. But once you do fly, your life is forever changed. You are awesome for having the courage to see your Shadows and heal the wounds. We all have an original wound that most shadows stem from.

When we heal this wound, it is amazing to see the changes. In keeping a bandaid over an oozing and festering wound, it will never heal. By exposing your Shadows to Light, that is when healing occurs.

Some shadows are generational, which is why Holiday Seasons can be traumatic. When you understand this, you can start to heal.

  • Heal yourself.
  • Concentrate on you. Then the family comes into play.
  • Doing an ancestral lines clearing can show and heal the original wound that has been carried down the generations in dna.

Trauma and wounds are energetically passed down. Shadows can also be carried by the soul from life to life. Past life regressions can help find the source of the original wound and heal it.

Once you heal yourself in this life, you have a great impact on future incarnations. Peace with in yourself, your family and soul are worth it.

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