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Staying In Your Comfort Zone: Don't Jump Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Instead of jumping out of your comfort zone just enlarge it

Staying in your comfort zone

I suggest you to remain in your comfort zone at all times!

You probably know already that there are times you have a chance to get what you want, only if you step out of your comfort zone, right? It is TRUE, but only for those who are fully comfortable with stepping out of their comfort zone, which is only about 5%. All others are stuck right here - at the edge of their comfort zones. Look around and you will see a whole crowd stuck exactly here, feeling guilty, stressed and over-challenged.

Do not worry, I am here to rescue you! My advice is:


Stop dreaming about...

  • Jumping out of your comfort zone
  • Big and unrealistic goals
  • Being a better person, partner, professional

Let's stop dreaming about wrong things.

Instead, do the following:

  • Find your inspiration and follow it - it will feel SO GOOOD!
  • Do exactly what feels right - it will make you FEEL GREAT!
  • Let new ideas and actions ENTER INTO YOUR COMFORT ZONE - just open the door!

How do you feel about this action plan?

My guess is that you still have not fully bought in and need more details.

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How to use your comfort zone to your advantage

  • Imagine your destination in all details - love it and make it feel absolutely comfortable, like your second nature! This is how you invite your future into your comfy zone.
  • Surround yourself with the right people, who support your destination, your values, your beliefs. They will make the way to your future smooth, smart, and fun.
  • Find the role models which are already where you want to be, just follow them, ask for mentorship, and you will almost automatically get the necessary for your future habits, skills, and attitudes.

Instead of jumping out of your comfort zone, just enlarge it. Let your future in by creating a supportive way to your destination. 

I found that the idea of enlarging the Comfort Zone works much better with most of my clients - Corporate Leaders - because they are already challenged enough by their business objectives. In their Individual Development Plans, they are usually looking for something more positive, optimistic and doable, than challenging and stressful.

Now let’s check if you have Your Comfort Zone!

Let's admit it! You probably do not have Your Comfort Zone at all, and you have nothing to step out of yet. Check if you have some of the faults of very Successful People:

Guilt 1: You may feel too stressed just because you are over-committed

Guilt 2: You may feel guilty from missing your strategic targets in everyday chaos

Guilt 3: You may be adrenalin-dependent, so you feel bored without being overwhelmed and over-challenged


Don't you think that the mess of stress, guilt, and dependency is not the best spot to live your life?

Let's start with creating Your Comfort Zone right now! 

Find Your Comfort Zone

Look around or inside. Find something you really like. Let it in. Go further. Let all the beauty and energy of your life IN with your every breath! Let it happen for a few seconds and you will find your comfy spot right away. Write this down and practice on a permanent basis.

Feel Your Comfort Zone

Find a way to make yourself comfier HERE & NOW.  I mean really, here and now! Nothing really exists, but your HERE & NOW! Just think about this for a moment: NOW - it is all you have total control over! So find your way to feeling more comfortable right now - it could be a very simple change: people, actions, environment, attention. We are building your awareness regarding this precious moment of Here & Now.

Fuel your Comfort Zone

What we focus on - increases! So you should manage your attention! Connect with everything that gives you energy:

  • Places
  • Events
  • People
  • Activities

Disconnect yourself from everything that drains your energy. Practice on a permanent basis. It will feed your comfort zone.

Let's create your comfort zone before even thinking about stepping out of it.

Achieving your strategic goals

How is all this buzz regarding Comfort Zone connected with your Strategic Goals? I believe that positive development means enlarging capabilities, opportunities, and power. It starts from creating a meaningful and enjoyable Comfort Zone.

When you schedule our first free consultation, I will ask you:

  • What will you be happy with as a result our meeting?
  • Why is it important for you?
  • What stops you from getting there?
  • What could help you to get there?
  • What could be your first step right now?

Step by step I will help you to see new possibilities, useful resources, powerful beliefs, and make your future your present comfort zone.

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