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The Rabbit Hole: Dealing with the Depths of your Mind

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Sometimes Your Greatest Enemy is Yourself

Feeling pain

Do we, as people, always want to heal ourselves or be healed, to have the pain just washed away? The question is how far down the rabbit hole within yourself can you do.?

Sometimes, we fear touching the root of our issues because they are so far down the rabbit hole that we have supressed them comepletely. The problem is that no matter how much we supress pain, there are things in life that trigger that pain and we can't control how it affects us or when it happens. Or can we?

Finding the root

The truth is I believe we always could, but we get so angry and wrapped in our own pain and sense of justice that we completely forget the root of the problem or why we were even upset in the first place. Since we dont try to touch the root of the problem, we lose sight of what it was. This happens to many if not most people .

  • Dealing with our issues and mistakes has never really been human beings' strong suit.
  • No one likes to admit they did wrong or  made mistakes.
  • The hardest thing a person has to say is "I am wrong and made a mistake"

But it is possible! When you can accept them, you can accept others and move on and live better. The great thing about life coaching is you are not alone. There are people out there that care and want to help people move past the hurt and pain, but the person in pain has to be willing to open up their hearts to it.  

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What is the rabbit hole?

The Rabbit Hole is the depth of your mind. It can run deep, but it is possible to go so far into their mind and dig into the your pain and face it. Sometimes your greatest enemy is yourself, and facing ourselves is the hardest part in life.

We are afraid ourseleves whether we want to admit it or not. I learned though if we face these fears everything else the comes our way is a lot easier. Even for Life coaches life can get a lttle crazy. For me, life has not been easy nor has it been easy to admit my flaws even out loud. I have had to face the scariest demon and that demon was me. I am still learning though to forgive myself. This is a huge step for anyone, trying to forgive yourself is never easy, but my company is about forgivenss and seeing the beauty in yourself.

Learning to love yourself

Today, I learned not to beat myself up because it's easier to beat yourself up then admit you can be better. It's easier to put yourself down than to say I can do this or I am better than this.

  • I had to learn as a mother that sometimes your kids are gonna see you as the enemy and are going to be mad at you.
  • I learned I have to stop looking at myself as the enemy.
  • I have to learn that what I do is the best thing for her and Im not trying hurt her, but as parent i have responsibilities. Life as a single mom is not easy.

What is life?

  • Life is a journey and it's one we all have to live through.  
  • Life also has a funny way of showing us who we truly are.

Nothing really made sense until I was 30, and now that I'm 33, things actually now make sense especially because I always thought my parents were crazy and overbearing. But it is true what they say as you get older and have kid you will learn.

The Rabbit Hole is symbolic for tapping into the darkest part one’s mind, the part we fear or don’t want to deal with. Today, we will tap into a part of the rabbit hole, for the rabbit hole goes deep and has many layers to it. There will be various series to this life coaching tool that will tap and touch different topics of life and how we can deal with them and make better lifestyle choices

Alice in Wonderland

For those that know about the rabbit hole here is a bit of history:

Alice and Wonderland is not an original Disney Movie. It is actually a Grimm’s Brothers Dark fairy tale. The Grimm Brother’s stories are based on adventures they had and the people they met on the way. One of their adventures led them to a young girl in an Asylum named Alice, who was babbling out following a white rabbit down the rabbit hole and meeting these weird and interesting characters. What we don't know is Alice was technically on various drugs and probably on LSD. Asylums back in the 1800’s were horrible places with terrible conditions, and treated their patients like test subjects rather than actual patients, performing weird experiments, and using unethical practice which were more damage to patients then help.

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