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The Secrets To Being A Successful Boss

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Dedicate Yourself Consistent Doing Specific Tasks Daily

How to own your own business

Creating freedom only comes from owning your own business and it can absolutely be amazing (hello there, afternoon naps). Those in business, will attest that it's not always easy though. Over the last 30 years of self-eymployedom, I have learned what could be considered three masters degrees in business. Today, I'm sharing my favorite hacks so that you can have your own business success. Basically, all things I'd wish I 'd known when I quit my 9 to 5 many moons ago.

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Define Success

Success suggests something very different to each and every one of us. It may mean quitting a 9 to 5 work to take a trip to your favorite destination and crack that PC open and get a little work done. Or it may mean having the money and freedom to work from home and raise your kiddos yourself. Specifying what success means to you is a great start. Start thinking about where you'd like to be in your life and in your business. 

This is your life. You get to determine how you want to design it.
Do some heart searching as well as a clear vision of your values and goals. If you want help with that, we can set up a time to chat. As soon as you understand where you want to go, it makes the journey of getting there a lot less complicated. With quality, you are able to take actions and make decisions that line up with your vision.

Plan #LikeaBoss

Knowing just how to be your very own boss requires you to learn about strategies, maybe learn some new skills and begin setting goals! You can DIY everything by reading or you can join a professional group or-you can hire your own business coach.

When you're working with a coach, you have the direction and clarity but one thing is for sure, you need to take charge, take action and prepare for success. You are a business and you need to operate like one.

Say No 

Saying yes to every opportunity or every request can be a recipe for disaster. Honestly, this is where I see my clients struggle. They are really amazing, kind people who want to serve but they can dig themselves a hole they can't get out of easily. This is where overwhelm and stress begin to creep in. Learn to say no to those requests that aren't aligned with your personal or professional goals. 

Dedication, And Persistence

You'll hear other entrepreneurs talk about how you have to work hard. Here's a mindset shift. Dedicate yourself to being CONSISTENT to doing specific tasks DAILY. This is probably the biggest secret to succeeding. You really have to be willing to dive in and do the work.

There's certainly a LOT of strategy with creating a successful business but let me make something crystal clear, your mindset around doing the work is absolutely CRITICAL. I don't subscribe to the mentality that you have to work hard. Reframe it and work smart to double-down on the 80/20 rule, some good strategy, and persistence. 

Self-Care Is a Real Thing

One thing that I've noticed as I've helped clients all over the world is they act like their not a human with human needs as they're going about their business day-to-day. It's important to understand you can't work seven days a week, neglect your health and your family without causing some sort of issue. I've had clients who were given an ultimatum by their spouse or partner because they neglected the relationship. I've worked with very successful entrepreneurs who had heart attacks and strokes because of neglecting their health. You need to understand that it doesn't have to be that way. When clients sign-up to work with me, we begin with discussing their values and standards. We have to formulate their business with these aspects in mind FIRST! No one can keep going indefinitely without taking time for themselves. If you're building a business, take a look at the WHOLE of you and begin to implement some self-care practices. 

I could go on an on with other success hacks and strategies but we don't have time for that today. I truly believe that when you put all of your love into something and do what it takes, success is inevitable. 

Sharon Lee - Life and business coach

If you're ready to work on creating success in your business, you're in the right place. Let's set-up a time to have a consultation so we can talk about working together. Click here to view my profile and request your free consultation today. 

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