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Time Management – Cutting Meetings Down to Size

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Meetings can eat up your time like no other business task.

A time management coach can help you take a proactive strategy to get some of this time back. Meetings with clear agendas, that have a controlling chair that does not allow for distractions or diversions and that result in clear action points are much faster and more productive than those without.

Even the most junior manager can make a big impact on meeting management.

Action step: Why not put a short agenda together for your next meeting?

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  • Karen Ng
    May 11, 2013

    I agree that business meetings can take up a lot of time especially when those involved are not properly prepared for it. I've been in day-long meetings that have achieved nothing! It's always best to organize and set an agenda beforehand to avoid wafting everyone's time!

  • Jaslyn L.
    May 31, 2013

    Hey everyone!
    I'm a manager and have weekly meetings with my team for status updates, account management, etc. to be honest, even with an agenda in place, meetings tend to run way past the allocated time frame. This is a main concern for me and although I try to keep it as brief as possible, it can be tough especially when I need to have everything clearly reported to me!
    Karen, I understand but sometimes you have to see thing through you boss' point of view! It's better to spend more time in successful meetings than attending a short meeting and end up running around like a headless chicken with no direction! :)

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