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Using Mindfulness To Create Peace

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Life has its upsets and challenges. It is easy to become unconscious of ourselves and get caught up in the drama.

Using mindfulness, we can be moe likely to catch ourselves before we go diving in and adding to the problem.

Next time you find yourself in a situation, perhaps give this a go:

  • Notice that you are feeling overwhelmed and about to react to the other person.
  • Connect with your breathe and observe the feelings inside of yourself.
  • Gather your thoughts, and respond rationally.
  • Or, if that fails, remove yourself from the conflict.

Being mindful creates a gap in our mind which allows us to make more conscious choices instead of reacting to other people's issues that have been projected onto you. 

You may be surprised to notice that when you do not participate, the other person doesn't know what to do, and the situation can be stopped without even getting started because of your refusal to participate.

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