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Weekly Task List Brainstorm: Your Prioritized To Do List

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Weekly task list brainstorm

Set aside time on a Sunday to brainstorm your task list for the week ahead.

After this, prioritise the To Do list into three levels of urgency: High, Medium, and Low, and then work these into your diary.

This will enable you to start the week on an organised footing, and will give you the best chance of getting things done, instead of working from memory.

  • It gives you an amazing sense of clarity and control over your life and work, and prevents a 'cluttered brain'.
  • It also makes it more likely that things will get done, and in the order required. Too often we turn to distractions or procrastinate when actually we ought to be doing something else.
  • If it's not in the diary, or you don't know when it needs to be done or what the constraints are, then you are setting yourself up for failure.

With this simple technique you can save yourself time, and feel more efficient and powerful!.

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