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What is Positive Psychology? Being positive!

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Positive psychology, in a nutshell, about being positive about your life.

Your overall energy is uplifted if you are focused on being:

  • Satisfied with your past,
  • Happy in the present moment and
  • Hopeful for a positive future.

Keep your thoughts concentrated on your strengths and resources for improving your life. 

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  • Jerry Singh
    May 18, 2013

    Thank you for your wise words Carmen!

    I concur that being positive is a great way to achieve life's goals.

    With a positive mind and healthy thinking, anything you set your mind to can be achieved!

    I tend to fall into negativity every once in awhile- I suppose it's a common way to cope with frustration, but I am learning to harness my negativity and focusing more on the positive! Yay to me!

  • Anya
    June 19, 2013

    I do not necessarily agree that being satisfied with your past gives you positive psychology. I had a very unhappy past but am still a very positive person. I think just learning to look past hurt and anger and focusing on the present and future is more relevant. You should not be defined by your past. I know people who had wonderful childhoods and did everything right in the past but who are unhappy today. It's all relative I suppose!


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