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Free Life Map Mini Course, Video 3: About EFT

Welcome to the third video of my free Life Path Mini Course!

About EFT: Key Points
  • EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through memories and a wide range of emotions.
  • Meridian points are certain points that can be mapped throughout the body.
  • EFT you can restore balance to the body’s energy, and mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from the energy disruption.
  • Tapping restores the body’s energy balance, and negative emotions are dissolved.
  • To do EFT you basically focus on the negative emotion you’re experiencing at the time or a troublesome issue and use your fingertips to tap 5-7 times each on 9 of the body’s meridian points.
  • Tapping on these meridian points – while concentrating on accepting and resolving the negative emotion –accesses your body’s energy allowing it the opportunity to revert to a balanced state.
  • EFT accesses the amygdala, part of your brain that initiates your body’s negative reaction to fear. The amygdala is your personal alarm system.
  • Studies show that by using EFT to stimulating the meridians that run along these parts of your body, you can drastically reduce or eliminate the negative emotions and physical symptoms that are associated and are sometimes caused by the issues you’re facing.  It goes so far as to even eliminate the issues themselves.

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