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Free Life Path Mini Course: An Introduction

Welcome to the Life Path Mini-Course! I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to take the first step on your journey to a new life path…a path that leads to your greatest life as your highest self! I am so excited to be with you and can’t wait to share all of the incredible opportunities and experiences that await you and reveal everything the Life Path program has to offer you.

Here's what you can expect to learn in this course:
  • Introduction: Welcome to Life Path and this mini-course
  • My Story: Getting to know me and what led me to my new life path working with the MAP Method  and EFT transforming the lives of so many
  • About EFT: Brief background and explanation of the Emotional Freedom Technique and how it works to effectively free you of negative emotions and blocked negative energy within your mind-body and spirit.
  • About the MAP Method™ : Learn about the most incredible and cutting-edge method since EFT, how it works and the mind-blowing, incredible ways it can change your life forever!
  • MAP & Tap Explained: Learn why MAP and Tap work so well together and how these two methods can create incredible and lasting results.
  • What to Expect: What you can expect during each session.
  • Life Path Services and Programs: Discover the different ways we can learn, grow, and transform our lives together. I’ll share all of the different services and products I’ve created to meet all of your different learning, financial, and scheduling needs!


Special Offer EXCLUSIVE to members of this mini-course: You’ll receive an EXCLUSIVE offer to experience your first MAP  session at an unbelievable discount! You won’t want to miss this opportunity! It’s my thank you for your time and commitment to this course and my way of “paying forward” the gifts and opportunities that others have blessed me with and that started me on my new life path!

So…without any further ado…if you’re ready to have some fun, open your mind and invite some of the most incredible and life-changing modalities into your life….let’s get started!






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