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Free Life Path Mini Course Video 4: About MAP

Welcome to the fourth video of my free Life Path Mini Course!

About the MAP Method™ : Key Points
  • Based the MAP Method  on the teachings of Dr. Gary Flint
  • The brain/mind can actually heal itself
  • M,A,P, stand for Manifesting All Possibilities
  • When we create a long-term memory, the neurons connect at the level of the synapses, through a process that is called consolidation ...creating a neuro pathway.
  • Karim Nader from McGill University in Montreal discovered the synapses can actually open up.  We can change long term memories! 
  • Window of reconsolidation: It’s a window of time where the memory can be changed and stored differently
  • 3 Steps of the MAP Method™ 
  1. Reactivate the memory we want to rewire-Association Process
  2. Open the gap between synapses by mismatching the brains expectation- Mindfulness
  3. Replace negative emotions with positive self-empowering emotions, memories and beliefs

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