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Was I Wrong About The No Contact Rule

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Was I Wrong About The No Contact Rule

In a candid and introspective session, renowned relationship coach, Coach Lee, revisits one of the pillars of his coaching advice – The No Contact Rule.

After years of advocating for its effectiveness, he takes a step back and poses the challenging question: "Was I Wrong About No Contact?"

Throughout this video:

? Coach Lee dives into the genesis of the No Contact philosophy, recalling the early days of its introduction to his coaching arsenal.

? Reflects on success stories, failures, and the in-betweens that have shaped his understanding of this method.

? Ponders over the possibility of having misjudged or oversimplified its application for diverse relationship scenarios.

? Invites feedback from the community, opening the floor for genuine conversations and stories about real-life experiences with the No Contact Rule.

Whether you've been a long-time subscriber or are just tuning in, join Coach Lee in this journey of reflection and discovery. Your insights might just reshape the future of relationship recovery! 

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