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What is a Life coach?

A life coach works with you to create a life that's truly the best fit for you. The coach helps you choose your path toward fulfillment and wellbeing. The answers to your big questions are inside you. And it's the life coach who knows how to draw out your best decisions. You'll be empowered by coaching to reach for your dreams.

What does a Life coach do?

A life coach talks to you about what you want to do. This is a much more enlightening process than someone simply telling you what to do. A life coach helps you set goals meaningful to you. Setting goals is only the first step. Taking action comes next. The life coach helps you build a plan. You'll also explore with the life coach any beliefs and feelings that may be holding you back.

Do I need a Life coach?

If you feel like your life is not going the way you want it to, it's time to make a new plan. A life coach offers valuable help as you take stock and set new goals. You'll gain great insights about yourself after talking with a life coach. Coaching is your opportunity to begin seizing each day and nurturing a healthy and happy future.


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  • Coach Leonard Ezugwu Nigeria $50000 - $10000000 USD Contact me

    Leonard Ezugwu

    Free Call!
    ICT Services, Family Love builder

    Am nice and simple, smart and gentle, and talent to read minds

  • Coach Toni Bator United States $100 - $1800 USD Contact me

    Toni Bator

    Free Call!
    ICF ACC and MSL

    Neurodiversity Coach - Autism/ADHD - I coach neurodivergent professionals and women leaders.

  • Coach Paul Paiva United States $75 - $200 USD Contact me

    Paul Paiva

    Free Call!
    M.Div., M.A., lic Erotic Blueprints

    Christian Intimacy Coach, Paul Paiva

  • Coach Poonam Khatri India $50 - $500 USD Contact me

    Poonam Khatri

    Free Call!
    Life Strategist

    Determined, focused towards strategic life coaching

  • Coach Colin Dovey South Africa R100 - R1000 ZAR Contact me

    Colin Dovey

    Free Call!

    Life and Business Coach

  • Coach Kay Muchenje Australia $500 - $3000 USD Contact me

    Kay Muchenje

    Free Call!
    BSW Social Work & life coach

    I am an experienced life coach, who can motivate people through coaching & a driven feminist.

  • Coach Sarisha Naidoo United Kingdom   Contact me

    Sarisha Naidoo

    Free Call!

    Sarisha Naidoo is life and personal coach.

  • Coach James Zoudy Australia $229 - $9997 USD Contact me

    James Zoudy

    Free Call!

    I help people magnetise their purpose, eliminate the anxiety and have legendary confidence.

  • Coach Tamika Coleman United States $20 - $80 USD Contact me

    Tamika Coleman

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach, CDA, PHR, MA

    Tamika Coleman is passionate about meeting you where you are and catapulting you to success.

  • Coach Emma Cornwell United Kingdom $75 - $250 USD Contact me

    Emma Cornwell

    Free Call!
    NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

    Empowerment coach who helps those about to become empty nesters to find their new path

  • Coach Amit Chilka India $200 - $300 USD Contact me

    Amit Chilka

    Free Call!

  • Coach Sangeeta Kabra India $10 - $100 USD Contact me

    Sangeeta Kabra

    Free Call!

    ICF Certfied Life Coach & Leadership Coach

  • Coach Lisa Jeffs Canada   Contact me

    Lisa Jeffs

    Free Call!
    BA Counselling

    Lisa Jeffs Toronto Life Coach provides life and career coaching services.

  • Coach Frank Marquit United States $35 - $75 USD Contact me

    Frank Marquit

    Free Call!
    Former C.E.O.,M.Ed,MA.,C.A.G.S.,NLP

    I come from a heart centered approach.I am a good listener and I have worked through many-issues

  • Coach Clara Davis United States $29 - $6000 USD Contact me

    Clara Davis

    Free Call!
    Inner Awareness Dis-creation Coach

    I'm an expert in helping you dismantle the emotional debris thats stopping you from showing the worl

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How can a Life coach help me?

With a life coach you'll explore the labels you are putting on yourself. Maybe you're limiting what you believe you can do. You'll learn to deal with negative thoughts instead of letting them hold you back. Talking with a life coach opens you up to new possibilities.

As you go after new goals, a life coach keeps you focused. This prevents procrastination so you stay motivated. Getting to the life you want takes effort. With a life coach on your side you get valuable support to make the best choices.

A life coach gives you the gift of taking charge of your development. Life will stop just happening to you. Instead, your dreams will be at the center of everything you do.

Working with a life coach gives you greater confidence and motivation to reach your goals. With life coaching you can set your life on a course that fulfills you. The self development and empowerment that come from life coaching give you tools that support you for many years to come.

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