Finding and choosing a life coach

How do I find and choose a coach?

Get started on Life Coach Hub by finding a coach who's right for you. Choosing a coach may seem like a daunting task, but it's actually a fun one. You get to find someone who you gel with, who will be in your corner, cheering on your successes and helping you reach your goals.    Read more...

How do I know if a coach is right for me?

Start by looking for a coach in the Find a Coach directory. View their profiles and read the way they describe their coaching approach and coaching experience. Read articles and coaching tips they have written to get an even clearer sense of how they approach their coaching and what coaching with them would be like for you.    Read more...

How do I book a free initial coaching session?

First, check out the coach profiles in the Find a Coach directory. After you have selected one you like, check out their profile page. Here you'll see a tab called "Book a Free Call" on the profile page.     Read more...

What happens during a free initial coaching call with a coach?

See if coaching is right for you by trying out a free initial coaching call with a coach of your choice. This initial call will focus on what you are wanting to achieve and will help you figure out how coaching can help you achieve it.     Read more...

How do I submit a review of my coach?

It's easy to submit a review. Just visit their profile URL and select the Review tab. Your coach will appreciate your personal feedback!    Read more...

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