What happens during a life coaching session?


Life coaching is generally conducted over the phone or over Skype, allowing you to talk to your coach from the comfort of your own home.

You'll complete a coaching plan in advance which provides focus to your coaching session. To do this, you'll think of your accomplishments and challenges since your last session, and what you want to focus on in this coming session.

During your session, your coach will have powerful conversations with you, to help you create an action plan to achieving your goals.

After your session, you can complete a follow-up to the session where you list your goals and action items for the week ahead, as well as any questions or feedback you might have.

Between sessions you'll complete assignments to keep you on track, which could include journaling, goal tracking, and homework and action items. Your coach might also want you to consider various aspects about yourself, such as values, or the clutter in your life, or your work/life balance. They might assign assessments to gauge where you are at so you can work through these blockages and towards your goals

Find out more about how coaching works by reading about the coaching process and what happens during a coaching session in our Beginner's Guide to Life Coaching.

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