How do I submit a Coaching Session Follow Up?


To submit your Coaching Session Follow-up for your most recent session, or any session that has past, access your Coaching Pad, which can be found on your dashboard, at the top of the page (under the Coaching & Course Pads drop-down).

  • Choose the tab "My Coaching Appointments." To access your most recent session or any past session, use the dropdown menu in the "My Coaching Appointments" area to select the appointment date and time you are looking for.
  • After selecting the session you want to follow up with, the session information will be displayed. If your follow-up says it is "not submitted," click the blue "more..." link
  • The "Follow-up from the session" area will be displayed further down the page underneath "Plan for the session" and "My private notes from the session." Answer each question as fully as possible to help both you and your coach see your progress and identify strategies to get you where you want to go. When you are done you can either submit your plan or save it as a draft using the buttons below the questions.

If you don't see "Follow-up from the session" displayed, chances are your appointment time hasn't passed yet! Don't worry, it will be available for you to fill in as the appointment is over.

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