What is a coaching assessment or form?


Coaching is all about getting you from where you are at to where you would like to be. Assessments can take a reading of the current terrain to show your coach where you are at right now. They also allow your coach to plot a clear plan of action in your coaching to see where you want to be and how they can help get you there.

For instance, when first getting to know you, your coach might create an assessment to plot out a variety of areas, such as your values, your goals for the next six months or your personal statement. They will use these to guide your coachig work together. Along your coaching path, your coach might create assessments targeted towards particular action items. For instance, if you are struggling with stress from having too much to do, your coach might ask you to complete a Priorities and Time management assessment which charts where you spend the majority of your time, and if whether it is aligned with their values and priorities.

Assessments help you and your coach pinpoint obstacles, challenges and opportunities in your path towards achieving your goals. Coaching assessments are so valuable because they allow you to assess yourself, measure your own progress, and thus become a better partner towards your own success.

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