What is a Coaching Session Follow Up?


After your coaching session you will create a Follow-up from your session that summarizes what you and your coach have accomplished and agreed on. The Follow-up from your Session is a great way to summarize and consolidate your coaching call, leading to greater value for your progress.

  • You will start by recording what you promised to accomplish in the final part of your last coaching session: your weekly goals, and the strategies you will be using to accomplish them. It's best to do this right at the close of the session while it's fresh in your mind. It's also a good idea to review it at the start of each day to keep you on track for the week.
  • You will also jot down any questions, ideas or issues you didn't get to discuss with your coach that you would like to raise. This keeps the sessions focussed on everything that is important to you.
  • You'll make a note of what your coach did that was most effective, and if there is anything you'd like your coach to do differently.

Submit your Follow-up within 24 hours of your coaching session; you want your session and what was discussed to be as fresh as possible when you complete this form. The Follow-up on the session form area will become visible to you on your Coaching Pad after your session with your coach is over.

Your Follow-up from the session helps to give you more direction, and it helps your coach to see how you are progressing and how you want to grow. Your coach can comment on any of your responses, and you can comment back.

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