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Creative Breaks: Increase Your Productivity With This Simple Tip

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Start taking creative breaks!

Are you on social media for extended periods and then end up feeling tired, bored, and unmotivated to continue your day? We all take breaks during the day, but they don't seem to help. Why not make your breaks work for you?

Start taking creative breaks

Start taking creative breaks! Creative breaks are short, 5-10 minute breaks that not only give our brains a break from the monotony of work, but they also create more neurons and paths in our brains.

This is due to neuroplasticity, or our brain's ability to continue to grow and learn! You literally create more brain power to put toward your work. Neat, huh?

Don't think you have to be good at something for this to work! Do a quick stick drawing on your phone or tablet, write a quick blog post, story, or poem, hum or sing along to a favorite song, knit, or anything that is creative.

Instead of doing mundane, brain-numbing things during each break you take, start taking creative breaks and watch your productivity start to soar!

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