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  • Career coaching
    I was stagnant in my career. I needed a new start. I hired a career coach and we mapped out a strategy and figured out where my actual passions were. I ended up in a much better career for me, so much more a fit. It took about 4 months of working together, but the results will last a lifetime. Definitely the best decision I have made!
  • Health coaching

    Lost 20 lbs of baby weight!

    Newly slim and happy!
    I have always struggled with my weight. Nothing seemed to work. Finally I got a health coach. We worked together to find out what helped me stay motivated and in control. She suggested some ideas but mostly it was based on my own experience (she always said "every foot takes a different sized shoe!")

    Well it worked... 6 months later and I am down 20 lbs! This is STUBBORN baby weight that I have been lugging around for 8 years. Ecstatic!
  • Business coaching
    I've had a business coach for the past five years and I have grown my own start up from a one person affair to a successful team. My business has grown more profitable and I have also been able to create better strategies for myself around work. I have learned to work ON my business not IN it :)

    When people think coach, they might think of football or soccer. The term life coach is not necessarily known that well. It's too bad because coaching has really been useful to me.
  • Wellness coaching
    Coaching has been extremely beneficial for my health. I was struggling before I met my coach Vicki. Since we started coaching, I was able to focus more on mindfulness and being in the moment.

    I was able to significantly reduce my anxiety, and start goal setting. Other modalities treat you as a patient. Coaching treats you as though you are in charge and have your own answers. Your coach just helps you find them!

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Is life coaching worth the time and the money?


The burning question on people's minds before they start coaching is: Is life coaching really worth it? Can I really afford this? What about the time involved?

We all know our time is money. But what does that really mean? Well it could be as simple as the fact that when we lose an hour a day, we tend to order more convenience food, which ends up costing us much more in the long run. Or if we are taking longer than we wanted to lose that weight, we might be tempted to buy all sorts of 'get thin fast' pills, books and programs, which only reduce our wallet. And of course if we take an extra three months job searching, we have lost out on a good three months of income.

So we invest time and money every time we adopt a strategy.

If the time and money we would invest when we have a life coach working with us to tailor these strategies is less than the time and money we spend on the strategies we currently use, then we have come out on top. Even one hour or one dollar less is a savings. But you are likely to save much, much more, as the examples above indicate.

Read more in Chapter 6 of the Beginner's Guide to Life Coaching.


Life coach REVIEWS

  • Beatrice Despioch | Jan 14, 2020
    Bud is truly amazing!
    He positively helped me to transform the way I'm managing my business life and looking at myself, accepting my self-doubts with calmness. His... Read more
  • Karen | Jan 11, 2020
    Calcium Shell
    John is fantastic. I have been doing mineral balancing for the last 4 years and have always had a calcium shell. I tried avoiding calcium and... Read more
  • Vivian Nazarali | Jan 09, 2020
    I am happy to have Ayobami as my life coach.
    Ayobami is insightful, proactive and professional. She also has a good sense of humour which always help to lighten the mood, make me feel relaxed... Read more
  • paul | Jan 09, 2020
    Gabie is excellent. She asks me questions that make me thing about things i’ve never thought of before! I’ve been able to understand myself much... Read more
  • Gregory | Jan 07, 2020
    Healing my past
    I have never been more happy and productive ever since working with Chessa. I highly recommended working with her.
  • Netty Bryan Coaching Serivces | Dec 17, 2019
    Help with my confidence in relationships
    Anneth helped me to address communications breakdown with my partner, she was patient compassionate and took the time fo fully understand my... Read more
  • Aubrie H. | Nov 25, 2019
    Better your health now!
    I stumbled on Salif by chance in an Internet search and found more than a "Life Coach." He's a remarkable, wise intelligence who listens free of... Read more
  • Cristian | Oct 23, 2019
    Great human!
    Great coach with amazing skills to improve oneself
  • Kelsea Castoe | Oct 23, 2019
    She's Real!
    Dr. Zelda Hayes is real and relevant! She doesn't beat around the bush. She doesn't candy coat, yet, she is understanding. If you want to be... Read more
  • PaulP Jr DOD | Sep 24, 2019
    PaulP Jr DOD
    Darlene met with me and my partner . She was not shock , amazed or even ashamed. She did not bring God into the picture at all . We though ... Read more

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