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  • Grief coaching
    Grief is part of life and the course Unraveling Grief to Thrive provides coaching, tools, and exercises to help reveal where blocks occur that may prevent us from moving through the grief process. Meghan is a wise and compassionate coach. She was always willing to listen and provided helpful insight. She celebrated my success and progress but most importantly through the course she helped me to integrate and work through the grief experience so that rather than just surviving I feel more present and fully alive. This course helped me to begin living my life in a manner that honored my husband’s life. The videos were good; just the right length and the exercises and tools were useful in clarifying my thinking and feelings. Best of all, if I ever feel stuck I always have access to them. They can also be applicable to other life experiences and situations. I highly recommend this course and working with Meghan Smith Brooks.
  • Life coaching
    Van has been a tremendous help for me personally and I think she would be a great resource for everyone out there who needs a little push and some support in their lives. She has provided me with resources/exercises to help alleviate anxiety, build confidence, and love yourself more. Improved my communication skills this improved my relationship with my boyfriend and regulate my emotions better. She helped me reframe how I approach my new job/career and move towards progress by mapping out my goals and having a clear vision. She helped me gain optimistic, yet realistic perspectives with work and relationships. If you want to improve aspects of your life I think it's worth giving Van a chance to help you.
  • Work/life balance coaching
    I have had a recent coaching experience with Luannah Arana that was extremely powerful and helped me clear decades of pain in my body. Her approach was very perceptive, gentle, and affirming, and the results have been incredible. She quickly attuned to my energy and distress, and empathetically guided me through an intense episode of physical and emotional distress with both her soothing voice and a song she sang to settle all of the energy and distress I was experiencing and releasing. I have been engaged in deep inner healing and evolution for over two decades, and this is one of the very most powerful and beneficial sessions I have ever had. She's a beautiful human being with great gifts. I feel blessed at having discovered her and worked with her.
  • Career coaching
    I was stagnant in my career. I needed a new start. I hired a career coach and we mapped out a strategy and figured out where my actual passions were. I ended up in a much better career for me, so much more a fit. It took about 4 months of working together, but the results will last a lifetime. Definitely the best decision I have made!

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Is life coaching worth the time and the money?


The burning question on people's minds before they start coaching is: Is life coaching really worth it? Can I really afford this? What about the time involved?

We all know our time is money. But what does that really mean? Well it could be as simple as the fact that when we lose an hour a day, we tend to order more convenience food, which ends up costing us much more in the long run. Or if we are taking longer than we wanted to lose that weight, we might be tempted to buy all sorts of 'get thin fast' pills, books and programs, which only reduce our wallet. And of course if we take an extra three months job searching, we have lost out on a good three months of income.

So we invest time and money every time we adopt a strategy.

If the time and money we would invest when we have a life coach working with us to tailor these strategies is less than the time and money we spend on the strategies we currently use, then we have come out on top. Even one hour or one dollar less is a savings. But you are likely to save much, much more, as the examples above indicate.

Read more in Chapter 6 of the Beginner's Guide to Life Coaching.


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    Hands down, one of the loviest people you’ll ever meet!
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    Brandon Johnson is both warm and Dynamic - a True Professional who will Carefully guide you UP and OVER those Hurdles that we encounter in this... Read more
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    She up lifts You
    She has a lot of energy. Very Knowledgeable and showed me where I am out of balance. Gave some good tips
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    I had heard about Andrea's consulting program and decided to look her up.
    I'm so glad that I did. Her programs contain some of the most useful information I have encountered. Her ideas are easily implemented, yet are... Read more
  • Shikha Shahdeo | Sep 15, 2021
    Philosopher, friend and guide in all aspects of my life.
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    Let me tell you something
    When I tell you that Dawn Vason is the freaking best it’s no lie. Dawn helped me identify pain points caused by chakra blockage. Just a week ago I... Read more
  • SMV | Sep 01, 2021
    Embrace Grief and Feel More Alive
    Grief is part of life and the course Unraveling Grief to Thrive provides coaching, tools, and exercises to help reveal where blocks occur that may... Read more

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