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Kelly Lamanteer

Certified Life Coach 
Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Reviving hearts. Rebuilding Lives. Restoring Futures.

About me

Hi, I’m Kelly!

I am a Transformational Life Coach and International Speaker, with an extensive background in the Human Services field, including supporting families as they journey to freedom from the effects of addiction, domestic abuse, and all types of traumas. My coaching experience extends from prisons, to churches, and everything in between. I specialize in creating a safe space for women to re-ignite their voices, receive emotional healing and become empowered as they transform the way they see themselves, encounter and overcome the limiting beliefs that hold them back, build rock solid confidence and propel themselves forward in ways that were once thought to be impossible as they re-write their stories! 

Learn more by finding me on FB: Revived to Thrive transformational Coaching



Transformational Coaching

Designed for More Coaching Package
This coaching package delivers radical, lasting changes that will flow out into every area of your life. We dig deep, below all the surface-level stuff, to truly transform your deep-rooted thoughts, beliefs, and way of being. It’s the work at this deeper level that creates lasting change. Only then will your actions, to achieve your goals, follow and align with your new state of being.


Emotional & Spiritual Coaching

Encounter Coaching Package
With the use of a belief-based model that deals with the beliefs formed, rather than the specific event itself, you will e
ncounter emotional healingin an effortless and profound way that allows your heart to heal, uproot and overcome limiting beliefs, and be set free from the very things that hold you back and keep you feeling stuck, paralyzed, or imprisoned. Reclaim your life today and experience being healed as a whole person! You will leave each session with a renewed mind and equipped to keep your focus forward as you walk in your healing. Remember – you do not have to relive your trauma to be healed


W.O.A.H Coaching Program
(Wives of Addicted Husbands)
This power packed coaching program is designed for wives whose husbands are addicted to pornography. W.O.A.H. helps you become firmly grounded, refocus and move from chaos to clarity, take back control, gain emotional healing, and revive and rebuild your life as you journey into freedom from the devastating effects of betrayal trauma.
Are you a wife whose husband is addicted to pornography and it’s impacting not only your marriage but your overall wellbeing, mental health, and sense of safety?

Are you suffering in silence, feeling isolated and alone?

Does shame, embarrassment, inadequacy, and other feelings and emotions associated with trauma betrayal hold you captive like a prisoner?

Are you ready, willing, and determined to take back control of your life and say good-bye to the emotional roller coaster you’ve felt strapped to?
Your story does not have to end here! There is hope, there is healing, and there is another way waiting if you say yes! I invite you today to start your journey to freedom!

Fee description

All services are packages. No single sessions.


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