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What is a Productivity coach?

A productivity coach shows you how to work smart and get more done. The guidance you get breaks you free from time-sucking habits such as procrastination and multi-tasking. Your productivity coach moves you from overwhelmed to organized. With the right support you reduce interruptions and manage your time better.

What does a Productivity coach do?

In a nutshell: Your productivity coach looks at your work patterns and helps you set up new systems for success and satisfaction. To begin, a productivity coach will talk with you and find out the problem areas. Then your coach starts to loosen the knots in your workflow. Your coach will give you proven methods and priceless tips that will keep you on task.


Let’s dive in more deeply.

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 Your initial thought may be that your coach will improve your usage of your time. Or that they provide guidance in honing your effectiveness at work. You’re also probably thinking that a productivity coach will help you embrace a structured day

You’re right. Productivity coaching professionals do all this and so much more. 

A productivity coach also helps you with the following:

1. Coming up with Strategies 

What works and what doesn’t? This can be a tricky question, right? 

A productivity coach is there to help you find the techniques that actually work for you to become more productive. 

First off, stop the multitasking. Believe me when I say that a productivity coach will tell you the same thing. Thinking that you are doing more when you multitask is nonsense. It doesn’t give you the best results. You know what will? Focusing on one task before moving on to the next. 

Your productivity coach will also help you break down what is seemingly an intimidating goal into digestible bits. This way, you’ll be able to find the momentum that will propel you to guaranteed success. After all, how do you eat an elephant? …. One bite at a time :)

Another technique that you and your coach can work on is time blocking. This is when you allot an amount of time to a specific activity. Basically, what you do is segment your day into blocks of time (Rampton, 2019). It prevents multitasking and prevents distractions from fighting over your time. 

2. Prioritizing

What’s most important to you? Take what matters most and focus on that. Let everything else fade into the background. 

Among the responsibilities of a productivity coach is to guide their clients in clarifying their goals. Part of this is ensuring that their clients have the means to move forward when they feel stuck. 

With a productivity coach, you’ll know how to spend time doing things that will bring you closer to your goals. They’ll help you come up with tools to fight off that hidden resistance. 

This is the real enemy, you know. Not time or the illusion of its shortness. That resistance is intelligent – an active, malign force that is out to get you. Its purpose is to work against you (Pressfield, 2015). 

If left unchecked, resistance can take the form of procrastination, fear, or doubt. But a productivity coach can guide you in defeating the saboteur. 

3. Dealing with Overwhelm

Nothing new to see here. Just you and your moments of intense overwhelm. 

There’s too much pressure at work? Overwhelming. 

You’re the breadwinner of the family? Overwhelming. 

The business you’ve sacrificed many things for is struggling? Overwhelming.

It doesn’t end there either, right? Cue in the stress, the anxiety, and the helplessness. 

With a productivity coach, you can step away from it all and find a moment to breathe. But never to run away from your feelings.

What if running away is how you normally address the troubling emotions you experience? In that case, you’ll soon find out with a productivity coach by your side that doing so is actually making things worse. Suppressing or condemning emotions that you don’t like rarely works (Cook & Miller, 2018). 

How, then, do you deal with that feeling of overwhelm? You prevent it from happening in the first place. A productivity coach will help you so that you don’t end up taking on life’s many tasks and responsibilities simultaneously. Because in doing so you subject yourself to that feeling of overwhelm (Kabigting, 2019). 

Think ahead. Plan ahead. Learn to say no. A productivity coach can guide you in everything you can do. 

Do I need a Productivity coach?

In a nutshell: The mere fact that you’re looking into this type of coach hints you might need one. Besides, we’re living in a time when days are measured based on how much output a person produces. Doing nothing is almost a crime. A productivity coach can help you in becoming your most efficient self. And yes, without being burned out. You’ll be able to set aside procrastination and give way to actionable plans. Time will be your ally.


How funny is it that life is the very thing that gets in the way of doing what we need and want to be doing in life? To-do lists notwithstanding, we keep finding ourselves off track, distracted….

How frustrating, right? Sometimes to get back on track, it’s just a matter of bringing in reinforcements. AKA, a productivity coach.

It's clear that you need a productivity coach if you recognize any of these feelings:

1. You’re having trouble focussing

Older people tend to say that life” back then” was so much simpler than it is now. Hearing it can sound a bit far-fetched. But if you mull it over, you'll realize how this sentiment hits closer to home than you might want to admit. 

There's too much of everything today. A good thing, of course, but also a double edged sword. Alongside progress is an endless supply of distractions. The ability to focus today could be considered a rare skill set.

When too many things are fighting over your attention, time for the important tasks suffers. People nowadays have an inclination of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. However alluring as this might be, it's just not possible.

You'll always have to give way to the things you value most. Something’s always gotta give!

Working with a productivity coach can make you realize this. With the guidance of a professional, you'll be able to figure out what you truly want in life. You'll learn to disregard everything else. 

All your energy, time and resources will be focused on a specific goal. A productivity coach will ensure that you won't be deterred by both internal (your doubts and fears) and external (what society dictates should be your target) factors. 

2. You are losing control

Then regain it. It's your life. And it's only one life. What a waste of time would it be if you didn't do the thing that makes you feel the most alive? 

Where did you start to lose control? In general? In a specific aspect? 

Once you enter into productivity coaching, you'll know specifically just where you dropped the ball. You'll also know when you’re on the verge of losing control. A productivity coach can open your eyes to which parts of your life are impacted. 

Think of it as a getting-to-know-you stage but with yourself. Because it is only in knowing why you feel out of control that you'll better understand why it happened and how to take back the reins. 

Through productivity coaching, you'll start by setting SMART goals. Usually, not having clear goals is the problem. Your coach can help you come to terms with yours and devise a plan of action to achieve it. They can also help you maintain motivation and track your progress. 

Your coach will also enlighten you on the fact that not everything can be controlled. Accepting this fact can help you cope during tough times. You may not be able to control every little thing that comes your way. But do know that you are in charge of the direction of your life. 

3. You want to get more done

How often do you let yourself think that the people doing better than you are actually better than you? Too often for comfort, I bet. This isn't the case at all of course. Those people are just doing things differently (Tracy, 2017). 

What they already know, you can learn as well. Having a productivity coach can be a significant first step. 

Getting more done means doing less. As a matter of fact, it's doing only one thing. Concentrating on your most important task. Doing it well and finishing it completely. So yeah, this is basically rooted in prioritization which we already discussed. 

Success in getting more done lies in your actions. When working with a coach, you'll learn how to tackle all of your tasks in the most efficient way. You’ll begin with the hardest and most important one first. 

As you go through productivity coaching, you'll learn how to discipline yourself. This will lead you to making better decisions. For instance, you'll get to know which one crucial decision to make before starting your day. Which task needs to be done immediately and what will be done later in the day? This is called the “Eat the frog” technique :)


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    I have unique acheivement in sport, health, fitness, business and startups and dedicated to results

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    Its time to get your life back on track! My coaching focuses on the mind, body & soul!

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    Time Management Expert

    Efficiency expert with a professional background in organizational leadership and 1:1 trainings.

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    I help people improve their performance and productivity so they can achieve their goals.

  • Coach Josephine Kavya India $20 - $60 USD Contact me

    Josephine Kavya

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    B.E , Lifecoach

    I am a certified life coach I’m here to accompany you through your journey

  • Coach Amanda K Smith Coaching hours icon 1 hrs United States $33 - $350 USD Contact me

    Amanda K Smith

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    The Samuel L Jackson of Life Coaches

  • Coach Stacy Parkelj Coaching hours icon 46 hrs United States $120 - $10000 USD Contact me 4 Star

    Stacy Parkelj

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    Helping to create Add Vantage points for growth in your life and profession!

  • Coach Yesha Mistry United States $50 - $150 USD Contact me

    Yesha Mistry

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    I am a financial and Life coach

    I am Financial and Life coach, helping people creating more meaningful and insightful life.

  • Coach Paulo Bandeira Coaching hours icon 16 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED Brazil $50 - $200 BRL Contact me

    Paulo Bandeira

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    P&P Coach, MBA COPPEAD, SBCoaching

    Especialistas em criação e gestão de negócios de pequeno, médio & grande porte, carreiras e vida.

  • Coach Dr. Cristie Glasheen Coaching hours icon 5784 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $199 - $200 USD Contact me

    Dr. Cristie Glasheen

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    Certified NLP Coach, M.P.H., Ph.D.

    Graduate student success starts here. Get unstuck and stay unstuck with Master's and Ph.D. coaching.

  • Coach Fred Jones Coaching hours icon 363 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $125 - $500 USD Contact me

    Fred Jones

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    Afterschool Expert

    Provide professional development and coaching to afterschool and summer staff

  • Coach Randy Riley Coaching hours icon 344 hrs United States $30 - $200 USD Contact me

    Randy Riley

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    Goal attainment expert!

    You have goals and I want you to experience the joy of seeing your goals come to life!

  • Coach Anne Marie Kupferer Coaching hours icon 45 hrs United States $395 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Anne Marie Kupferer

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    Ph.D. Human/Organizational Develop

    Productivity Expert, Academic Coach and Professional Trainer developing success strategies.

  • Coach Justin J Storm Coaching hours icon 28 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States   Contact me 5 Star

    Justin J Storm

    Free Call!
    MBA, Certified Life Coach,

    Effectively assist Millennials to identify purpose, set goals, and achieve incredible results.

  • Coach Drifa Ulfarsdottir Coaching hours icon 15 hrs Iceland $175 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Drifa Ulfarsdottir

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    Drífa is an expert in time management, work-life balance and success coaching.

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How can a Productivity coach help me?

Focus on being productive instead of busy. Tim Ferriss Coaching Quote

Productivity is a trade-off. A currency, if you will. Living in an age of excessively dopaminergic activities made it so. 

Productivity, if you look at it closely, is a behavior. You wouldn't be able to access it without choosing to act first. 

And acting is where you might typically find yourself immovable without a good dose of motivation. Unfortunately, motivation is not a readily available resource. It is often only triggered by reward. 

Hence, the currency bit. Expecting a sensory pleasure can allow you to access a specific behavior (Clements-Croome, 2006). Simply put, productivity is rarely self-willed. You'll need something desirable to prompt you to act. 

This is exactly how a productivity coach can help you – figure out what you truly want in life, access motivation, and choose to take action. 

And your coach will do so by helping you with the following issues.

1. Prepare before beginning

You wouldn’t go into battle without preparing first. That's winging it and hoping for the best. A bad move on your part. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to experience the disappointment that would come from such an approach. You'll prevent it by sitting down with your productivity coach and making a plan of action. 

Your preparation will also include an assessment of your current productivity level. Having this information will guide you and your coach on what steps to take next. 

Together, you'll be able to figure out what it is you want to achieve and how to get there. This planning stage is also where you can establish realistic goals. Your coach will ensure you won't go overboard with too much optimism or pessimism.  

2. Develop a sense of urgency

Rewards aren't the only great motivators out there. Deadlines cause a similar (if not greater) actionable response. 

With a productivity coach, you'll be able to develop a sense of urgency, making you more inclined to finish tasks. Further, you'll find it easier to spot problems, leaving you with more time to find a solution for them. 

It's important to note that the urgency you need in your life is not the kind that will bring about stress. If you set the deadline yourself, you might try to do too much. But if it's set with your coach, you’ll learn how to properly pace yourself when doing your tasks. 

3. Make use of productivity techniques and tools

Having a productivity coach is like having a productivity app, am I right? ;)

Kidding aside, working with a coach can open you to the wonders of today's advancements in productivity. Countless apps have been developed to promote better productivity. You can find the best one that suits you and use it alongside techniques that your coach will share. 

You and your productivity coach can start by setting SMART goals. This technique is an excellent way to measure your progress and clearly define your version of success. Another method would be the "Eat the Frog”, which is when you tackle the day's most challenging task before anything else. 

Let's not forget the famous Pomodoro technique, which breaks your workday into periods spaced by breaks. 

All in all, with apps, these and many other techniques, and your coach, you'll be able to level up your productivity in no time. 

3 Ways  A Productivity Coach Can Help

What’s the difference between a productivity coach and a productivity consultant?

At first glance, these two almost appear the same. But there is one striking difference.

A productivity coach is someone who works with individual clients. It’s a one-on-one coaching relationship that focuses on time management, as well as guidance in adopting better habits efficiency-wise. 

On the other hand, a productivity consultant provides services to businesses and organizations  in need of productivity or morale boost among their employees. 

A productivity consultant conducts workflow assessments within the company, identifying areas in need of improvement and recommending solutions. Their services also include providing training or seminars to employees on using productivity tools. 

How can a productivity coach help me in completing tasks?

Generally, you’ll be the one to accomplish the task yourself. Just going to clear that up real quick. What a productivity coach will do is help you eliminate the overwhelming feelings that come with your responsibilities. Avoiding stress is also most definitely on the table for you. 

This will result in you feeling and being in control of your time. Not to mention, your energy and focus will be directed appropriately.

Overall, not only will you complete your tasks successfully, the whole process of doing them won’t feel so troublesome.

Most of us spend time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important. Stephen Covey Coaching Quote


Five great reasons to hire a Productivity coach

And so it is. We’re at the final part of your queries. Let me take this time to convince you once and for all why you should hire a productivity coach. But between the two of us, I don’t think it’ll take much more convincing…

Just five great reasons, which are:

1. Overcome procrastination

Relatable and terrifying as it is, procrastination is but a weed that is deeply rooted in three things.

One. Your toxic desire to avoid experiencing negative emotions. I.e., anxiety.

Two. Your habits (that are working against you) and your established but flawed working system.

Three. Your relentless negative thinking. That “I can’t do it” mentality.

Cut all three, and you’ll find that procrastination is one measly thing of the past. Easy to pluck and throw far away. Hiring a productivity coach is like having gardening shears.

2. Get better at organization

You’ll rarely feel like doing and acting if your workspace– and your mind, for that matter –are cluttered.

It's essential to have a sense of organization in your life to be productive. Finding it difficult to do so need not be so worrying for you, though. Hey, that’s part of a productivity coach’s expertise. Whether physical or mental clutter, a productivity coach can help you categorize things and move them to their rightful place.

Once achieved, it will give way to our third great reason…

3. Develop clarity

As you go on with your life, you’ll discover just how clarity is hard to come by. It’s not something you instantly acquire, along with 20/20 eyesight. Clarity, you’ll find, is something you create for yourself.

Remove distractions, jumbled thoughts, and self-doubts. What do you get? Room for better thinking. Add trying out new things, grabbing on to opportunities, and experimenting to know what you want. You’ll have clarity.

Even better, you develop clarity when working with a productivity coach. At the very core of coaching is asking questions. When the right ones are posed, they are powerful enough to shake you for good.

4. Adopt better habits

It can feel hopeless when you try to do it on your own. Possible but brutally difficult. I suggest going at it with a professional guiding you through.

Why is it hard, though? Because you’re so set in your old ways that you’ve basically bubble-wrapped yourself in them. The very thing that’s not good for you has become your comfort zone.  

So if you want to exchange those for better habits, a productivity coach can help you. As change is not linear, and you’ll experience days when progress seems stagnant, it’ll be good to have someone by your side.

5.  Master the art of time management

Saving the best (and most obvious) reason for last – time management. If anything, productivity coaches are masters of this.

They can help you organize and plan effective time allotment. They can guide you in working smarter (not harder). Thus, you can ensure you’ll finish tasks without wasting your time. And in considerably less time, with lower stress and a higher chance of success. 


Choose a productivity coach from our selection of qualified coaches above or submit a coaching request for us to match you to your ideal coach. Time to get off the fence and get productive!

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