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Coach Randy Riley
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Randy Riley

Goal attainment expert! 
Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, United States

You have goals and I want you to experience the joy of seeing your goals come to life!

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About me

Your Goal Guide, LLC was created to help you! I know you have goals and I want you to experience the joy of seeing your goals come to life. But making ideas come to life is hard! There are typically multiple steps and tasks that need to be done. There are always hurdles and other life events get in the way. Your Goal Guide, LLC bridges the gap between goal idea and goal success! I work with you to better define your goal. Then I help you create a map of the things you will need to do to reach your specific goal. I help you break down your goal into bite size pieces. I then have follow-up sessions to make sure you stay focused, accountable and on track. Whether you are working on getting a certification, writing a book, starting a business, getting healthier, getting organized, planning a big party, saving for a car/home, contemplating a career change, completing projects at work, just taking back your life or whatever you have on your mind that you want to do I am here to help you reach your goal! ​

Coaching with me


I work to help you better define your goals, map out your goals into manageable pieces, and then we work out a recurring schedule to follow-up until your goals are attained! I'll help provide methods and motivation to help you overcome your obstacles. I'll be beside you all the way until your goal is accomplished and we can move on to the next one! Not only will you reach your goal you'll be learning on-going lessons to help you be successful in many other areas of your life!


This is about you so I work to adapt myself and any programming to your needs.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Typical sessions are through Skype and last one hour but you may also buy 15 minute chunks of "MOTIVATION" minutes. I'm also open to other lengths of time...this is about you so lets talk and make a program perfect for YOU!


Online coaching is online based and will be structured to meet your needs. This can be done through assignments, journaling, and numerous other means. We can look at your program and needs and develop a pricing structure to get you to success.

Short courses or group coaching

Group session are an awesome way to join people with a similar goal. Unlike social and group sites I will be there for you! The other members of the group are a perk, but you don't have to rely on them like you do in many online boards, chat rooms, etc. With Your Goal Guide I am dedicated to you and your success and I will stay with you to the end!

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters Degree
  • CMA
  • Athletic Performance
  • Youth Sports Coach
  • Coach
  • Leader
  • Reiki I and II Certified
  • Military

I have a diverse background. I am a coach and a teacher. I have over 15 years of experience in a financial leadership role where I have mentored and lead many to defining, mapping, scheduling, and working through countless projects and professional goals. I use these experiences to help everyone; because everyone has a goal. I'm here to help you attain your goals!!

Fee description

Fees: from $30 USD to $200 USD

There is pricing on standard programs in the Coach Shop. However, programs often vary by individual needs so we can develop a personalized program specific to you! Don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your situation.


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