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What is a Retirement coach?

A retirement coach makes sure your transition to retirement is the best it can be. Retirement offers you great new opportunities and personal freedom. But this is a huge change in your life. A retirement coach helps you prepare for the financial, social and emotional shifts to come. With coaching support you get the skills to make retirement rewarding and fulfilling.

What does a Retirement coach do?

A retirement coach can work with you before you retire or shortly after you retire. The goals of coaching are to help you adjust to this major life change. This is the time in life when you define yourself outside of your career. With support from your retirement coach you'll discover new passions in life.

Do I need a Retirement coach?

You may feel adrift now that you don't have a career to direct your energy into. If you feel bored, directionless or lonely, a retirement coach will open you up to new ideas. It's a big change to go from work life to living the life you've always wanted. Your retirement coach will help you embrace the change. You'll enter the best years of your life with happiness and enthusiasm.


Retirement coaches

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  • Coach Carrie Cotch United States $100 - $150 USD Contact me

    Carrie Cotch

    Free Call!

    Do you want to: Be the best version of yourself? Reach your goals? Feel less stressed? Feel happier?

  • Coach Wendy Fisher Coaching hours icon 4 hrs United States   Contact me

    Wendy Fisher

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    35+ years working with new retirees as Retirement Mgr and now Retirement Coach! I can help you too!

  • Coach John B. Bejo Coaching hours icon 1 hrs Philippines $65 - $1500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    John B. Bejo

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach, STB

    More than twenty-five years of coaching experience: Life, Love and Happiness.

  • Coach Marlene Graham United States from $100 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Marlene Graham

    Free Call!

    I am a Certified Life Coach who listens and inspires you to take bold next steps!

  • Coach Jerry Bergner United States $400 - $600 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Jerry Bergner

    Free Call!
    CEO of your life coaching

    Unique approach to coaching based on discovery of most satisfying activities for you.

  • Coach Marylan Walden MBA United States $100 - $500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Marylan Walden MBA

    Free Call!
    Certified Retirement Coach

  • Coach Jason Simpson, AFC United States $28 - $195 USD Contact me

    Jason Simpson, AFC

    Free Call!
    Financial Planning


  • Coach Janilyn Mahoney United States from $100 USD

    Janilyn Mahoney

  • Coach Susan Singleton United States $100 - $700 USD

    Susan Singleton

    Life Coach, Leadership Consultant

    I specialize in life, grief and divorce recovery coaching.

  • Coach Silvia Di Blasio Canada $35 - $250 USD Contact me

    Silvia Di Blasio

    Free Call!
    CCDP, Life Coach

    Transitions, Life Changes and Ethical Decision Making

  • Coach Jeanet Lamoca Canada $125 - $275 USD Contact me

    Jeanet Lamoca

    Free Call!

    Jeanet is a career management consultant & coactive coach practitioner, facilitator and trainer.

  • Coach petero wamala Uganda $200 - $500 USD Contact me

    petero wamala

    Free Call!
    MA Social Planning

    I am a certified retirement transition coach and NLP master practitioner.

  • Coach Nichola Brown United States $125 - $2100 USD Contact me

    Nichola Brown

    Free Call!

    I empower, encourage, inspire and challenge clients to set, reach and maintain their goals.

  • Coach Terry Martin United States $80 - $175 USD Contact me

    Terry Martin

    Free Call!
    PhD. & Life Coaching,

    As a Concierge Coach I make it very easy for you to be the best you can become.

  • Coach Tania M Venn Canada $60 - $110 USD Contact me

    Tania M Venn

    Free Call!
    BA, EPC Empty Nest/Retirement Coach

    Coaching empty nesters and retirees looking for meaning and fulfillment for an amazing life.

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How can a Retirement coach help me?

Coaching before you actually retire is a great help. You'll enter the transition with a plan that takes care of your concerns. Money is a common worry. A retirement coach talks to you about setting priorities and designing a new budget. Getting control of your new money situation reduces your stress.

You really are starting over on a personal level. A coach teaches you that retirement is the time to follow your dreams.

After working with a coach you'll feel ready to enjoy retirement. You won't miss the safety of your old working identity because you'll be having too much fun learning more about yourself.

Topics a coach will help you sort out are:

  • Adjusting to a different income
  • Deciding to move or stay
  • How to find new social connections
  • How to see yourself in a new light
  • Learning to set your own schedule
  • Following your dreams

All the freedoms that come from retirement can be wonderful. But they can also be overwhelming. Your daily life has been geared around a job. And now it's geared around whatever you decide to make of it. A retirement coach helps you imagine a new you.


Five great reasons to hire a Retirement coach

Changes in your social life after leaving work can be significant. But a coach prepares you to find new ways to meet people.
A retirement coach takes the stress out of huge life decisions. With coaching you'll face each issue one at a time and explore your options with support.
Retirement is the time when you get to truly become yourself. Outside forces will stop defining you. And with a coach you'll discover your most authentic self.
You can fully look at your retirement options. You may not be ready emotionally or financially for the change. A retirement coach will help you assess the situation.
Planning your retirement is crucial to success. With a coach you avoid costly mistakes and gain the confidence needed to reinvent yourself.
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