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Silvia Di Blasio

CCDP, Life Coach 
Cloverdale, British Columbia, Canada
Transitions, Life Changes and Ethical Decision Making

About me

With 10+ of experience in life and career coaching and group facilitation, I bring an approach based in "Coaching for individual and social transformation". I root my work on ideas from Ecopsychology, Permaculture, engaged Buddhism and Social Sciences and integrate them into my work with the belief that you, the client, already have all the answers in your main Self.

I also believe coaching has the power to truly transform lives, not only at the individual level but through the individual to families, organizations and communities, making a wider impact in the world.

In either individual or organizations' coaching, I start by clarifying values. It is only when we deeply understand why we are here and what is sacred to us that we can start changing us and others.

Coaching with me

Life an career changes - Decision Making - Goal and Values Clarification - Transitions - Retirement - Social Impact - Grief - Active Hope
I coach for Transformation. I believe you have the answers within your Self. I build rapport by suspending judgement and a compassionate approach. I ask questions to guide you through your soul search for answers. These answers are attached to your values and what is sacred for you. I help you to navigate through fear, despair, procrastination, self-sabotage and other "shadows" and integrate them into the stronger You.
In organizations and group coaching, I start by clarifying expectations, values, vision, goals. We dig together in what motivates each one of you and what's the common ground. We look into meaning and the social and environmental impact of your work.


1-1 sessions of 45 mins to 2-hours depending on clients' needs.
First session will clarify expectations, goals, philosophy, matching and potential referrals if needed. We would clarify number of sessions and cost, payment alternatives and location.
If first session goes well for both parties, each following session may include questions, role playing, brainstorming, planning and design, etc. (every case is different)
Sessions may include email or chatting, occasionally Skype calls if client feels confident to do so.
Short courses or group coaching
Group dynamics, vision/mission and values clarification, motivation/engagement, strategic planning, project monitoring, sessions may run from 2 hours to various days depending on organizational/group needs as established in first session

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Life Coach Certificate
  • Career Development Certificate
  • Psycho-pedagogy Degree
  • Provincial Instructor Diploma
  • Psychology First Aid Certificate
  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate
  • Essential Skills Trainer
I have 20+ years of experience as ICT coordinator, certified career and life coach. I have worked with schools, special needs children, in organizational systems analysis and strategic planning. In the recent years, I have worked in career counselling at various non profit organizations and independently helping individuals and groups with life coaching.

Fee description

Fees: from $35 USD to $250 USD

Low income, unemployed or students: $35 per session
Professionals, employed, small business owners: $75 per session
Grassroots groups, community groups: $100 per hour
Non-profit organizations and small businesses, educational organizations: $150 per hour
Presentations and corporate: $250/hour


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