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What is an Academic coach?

An academic coach helps you excel at school. You'll avoid the frustration and stress that often come with school demands. The coach teaches you to understand the process of learning. You'll find out the best learning styles for you. And the coach helps you set both short and long term goals for your education. This support improves your time management skills and self discipline. Academic coaching gives you the tools to thrive at school.

What does an Academic coach do?

With an academic coach you discuss your problems and aspirations at school. The academic coach looks at your ability to organize and assesses your learning styles. Not everyone learns the same way. With insights from a coach you develop new strategies that lead to academic achievement.

Do I need an Academic coach?

If your transition from high school to college or from college to graduate school is not going well, you will benefit from partnering with an academic coach. You'll learn how to organize yourself, adopt good study habits and manage your time. Half of the challenge of school is learning how to keep many balls in the air. An academic coach encourages you when the pressure mounts. The skills you gain with coaching will lead to greater success.


Academic coaches

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  • Coach Djelani Hamm Coaching hours icon 1 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $175 - $250 USD Contact me

    Djelani Hamm

    Free Call!
    BM, MA, MFA, PhD

    Co-Creating Fierce Outcomes and Transformation!

  • Coach Dr. Cristie Glasheen Coaching hours icon 5784 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $199 - $200 USD Contact me

    Dr. Cristie Glasheen

    Free Call!
    Certified NLP Coach, M.P.H., Ph.D.

    Graduate student success starts here. Get unstuck and stay unstuck with Master's and Ph.D. coaching.

  • Coach Henry Lam United States $50 - $200 USD Contact me

    Henry Lam

    Free Call!

    Unlock Productivity, Focus, Potential, Motivation & Overcome Overwhelm!

  • Coach Camani Smith Coaching hours icon 4000 hrs United States $50 - $100 USD Contact me

    Camani Smith

    Free Call!
    PhD in Educational Leadership

    I have been told my greatest asset is empathy and sound advice that appeals to a younger audience.

  • Coach Coach Arthur Coaching hours icon 100 hrs United States $90 - $125 USD Contact me

    Coach Arthur

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    I support and mentor clients to identify measurable goals and objectives to accomplish results.

  • Coach Karen Maloy Coaching hours icon 74 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $50 - $3500 USD Contact me 1 Star

    Karen Maloy

    Free Call!
    Ed.S., CPLC, Academic Coach

    I provide coaching services in academics and life transitions to empower personal success.

  • Coach Arizona Lowe Coaching hours icon 55 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $25 - $125 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Arizona Lowe

    Free Call!
    BS, BA, AIW Certified Child Coach

    Positive forward movement - however small - will create success!

  • Coach Anne Marie Kupferer Coaching hours icon 45 hrs United States $395 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Anne Marie Kupferer

    Free Call!
    Ph.D. Human/Organizational Develop

    Productivity Expert, Academic Coach and Professional Trainer developing success strategies.

  • Coach Oran Blackwood Coaching hours icon 5 hrs United Kingdom £45 - £75 GBP Contact me

    Oran Blackwood

    Free Call!
    Incisive Change Agent Now (I CAN)

    If I CAN you can. You an expert in you. Use your expertise to make lasting change in your life.

  • Coach Cassandra Bensch Coaching hours icon 2 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United States $90 - $150 USD Contact me

    Cassandra Bensch

    Free Call!
    Certified Master Life Coach

    Start living you BEST life, your DREAM life TODAY!!  

  • Coach Tim Perris Coaching hours icon 1 hrs Likes icon RECOMMENDED United Kingdom $60 - $200 USD Contact me

    Tim Perris

    Free Call!
    Co-Active Coach, Meng, PGCE

    Helping individuals achieve their goals and Work-Life balance and discover and enjoy their adventure

  • Coach Tamu Browne United States $10 - $400 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Tamu Browne

    Free Call!
    Entrepreneur and Educator

    I inspire, motivate and coach others to innovate and create abundance and freedom of thought.

  • Coach Clary Torres United States $25 - $225 USD Contact me

    Clary Torres

    Free Call!
    Personal Life Coaching

    I'm a published life coach and educator with a passion to help others have a successful happy life

  • Coach Heather Leavitt United States $75 - $250 USD Contact me

    Heather Leavitt

    Free Call!
    PhD Teaching & Leadership

    Guidance for high school, college & graduate students

  • Coach Tia Harris United States $900 - $1800 USD Contact me

    Tia Harris

    Free Call!
    PhD, Certified Life Coach

    I’ll help you push through barriers that are holding you back from living a fulfilled life.

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How can an Academic coach help me?

It's easy to become buried in work at school. Because your education is so important, your stress will rise quickly when you get behind.

An academic coach brings focus and calm into your busy schedule. You'll learn to break big assignments into small tasks. As you complete each one, you'll feel encouraged and keep going.

Along with finding solutions to your problems areas, your coach will help you set goals. Looking ahead is crucial for getting the most out of your educational opportunity. You have to see farther than your next exam so you can map out a great future.

Coaching lets you develop the valuable skills of self discipline and working independently. An academic coach keeps you from sinking under the pressure. Then you can embrace the excitement of education and learn as much as possible.

Academic coaching addresses these core areas of development:

  • Self discipline
  • Goal setting
  • Learning strategies
  • Coping with stress
  • Organization
  • Maintaining focus

When you work with a coach you get more than someone who will listen to your problems. An academic coach has real solutions to offer. New skills nurtured by the coach will empower you to tackle challenges into the future.


Five great reasons to hire an Academic coach

Stay accountable to yourself. Instead of putting off consequences until the report card, you'll deal with issues as they happen.
Academic coaching is a proven way for students to excel. Many schools make coaches available to support a culture of success.
Find out the learning styles that work the best for you. You may be struggling because you're taking the wrong approach.
Organizational tips from an academic coach are priceless. Instead of being overwhelmed you'll learn how to plan for success.
In today's competitive world, you need to get the most from your education. With an academic coach you can develop yourself into a lifelong high achiever.
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