lifecoach $125 USD Coach Arthur Coach Arthur I support and mentor clients to identify measurable goals and objectives to accomplish results.
Coach Coach Arthur
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Coach Arthur

Certified Professional Life Coach 
Miami, Florida, United States
I support and mentor clients to identify measurable goals and objectives to accomplish results.
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FEES from $90 USD to $125 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

I empower parents, teens and clients alike to live a BETTER life by supporting, and motivating them to identify goals and develop an action plan to accomplish long lasting Self-Improvement

Coach Arthur

Coaching with me

I work collaboratively with parents, teenagers and all clients alike to accomplish identified measurable goals and objectives in a non-judgmental atmosphere of trust. Through this proven approach, I effectively address personal life challenges. I integrate my background as a school administrator, my experience as a mother for the last 27 years, and grandmother for the last 6 years, along with effective coaching techniques and the use of “The Law of Attraction” to offer a highly-personalized program tailored to my clients.
As a Life Coach I empower, I support, and I guide parents, teenagers and ALL my clients to transform the issues that stand in the way of them achieving their objectives and goals knowing and assuring my clients that we are working with a Higher Power. Whether you want life coaching assistance to achieve a specific outcome with your children or wish to enhance all areas of your teenager's life; or want to work on your personal or professional life, I can work collaborative with you to make your objectives a reality with grace and ease.
I like to coach clients that are coachable. Clients that will take responsibility and know that they are the reason why coaching exist.

I like to be a facilitator, I want all clients to know that the answers are already within waiting to be brought into expression.


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Via phone

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Masters degree in Elementary Education
  • Bachelors degree in Psychology & Spanisih
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Educational Leadership
Teacher - 9 years
School Administrator - 19 years
Mother 26 years
GrandMother 6 years
Spiritual Student 26 years
Life Coach 5 years

Fee description

Fees: from $90 USD to $125 USD

Single Telephone Session: Lasting 45 minutes with 4 email support communication $100; 4 sessions, paid in advance: weekly email support during the 4 sessions $300; 8 sessions paid in advance: 1 weekly email and 1 weekly texting support during the 8 sessions $550:Family Life Coaching:
1 45 minute telephone session, plus up to 4 - 30 minutes sessions and 1 weekly email support for 1 month, with an additional two 10 minute "booster shots" FREE.
$400: Email coaching; 1 month coaching through 1 weekly email: $200


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