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When you watch the sun rise over Miami's beaches, you have to feel hope. You live in an extraordinary city. But maybe you feel like your life isn't as glorious as your surroundings.

A life coach will open your mind to new opportunities. With coaching you'll stop wasting time with bad decisions.

Good Thinking Brings Good Feelings

Life is not easy, but you can make the best of it. Positive thinking is the key to transforming your life. A life coach teaches you to stop beating yourself up. Then you can begin to heal and flourish.

When you talk with a life coach you'll answer questions like:

  • What do I think is holding me back?
  • What do I wish my life was like?
  • How can I stay motivated to change?

The life coach leads this journey of self discovery. But you shape the agenda. The process connects you with your inner strength. Then the coach helps you adopt a fresh mindset. You won't be allowed to stay stuck in old patterns.

Once your excitement for change is fired up, then you can build the life you want.

Life Coaching in Miami

The Miami mindset focuses on health and wellness. People flock here to get away from the cold and dreary. Life coaches here seek to balance your mind and spirit. Then you can truly put your heart into both work and play.

A life coach can improve:

  • Your lifestyle
  • Your relationships
  • Your career or business
  • Your self esteem

With coaching you can become a happier part of Miami's confident and creative community.



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  • Coach Robert B Singleton, MCMA United States $100 - $2500 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Robert B Singleton, MCMA

    Free Call!
    M Sc. Metaphysical Sciences

    Board Certified Health Coach - Member, American Association of Drugless Pracitioners (AADP)

  • Coach Jorge Benito United States $150 - $200 USD Contact me

    Jorge Benito

    Free Call!
    ACC: International Coach Federation

    I assist Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Executives in thriving through role transitions and challenges.

  • Coach Coach Arthur Coaching hours icon 100 hrs United States $90 - $125 USD Contact me

    Coach Arthur

    Free Call!
    Certified Professional Life Coach

    I support and mentor clients to identify measurable goals and objectives to accomplish results.

  • Coach Nakia Smith Coaching hours icon 7 hrs United States   Contact me

    Nakia Smith

    Free Call!
    BS Nursing, BS Pschology

    Are you ready for a plan that will help you create a better life... A NEW YOU? May I help?

  • Coach Dr. Kristen A Tolbert United States $175 - $350 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Dr. Kristen A Tolbert

    Free Call!

    Career and Workforce Performance, Satisfaction, and Agility Training and Consulting

  • Coach Beatriz Laracuente United States $75 - $125 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Beatriz Laracuente

    Free Call!

    Stress diminishes our ability to enjoy life, we will work with proven relaxation techniques, healthy

  • Coach Kathryne Collins United States $45 - $3999 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Kathryne Collins

    Free Call!
    Ph.D. MBA. CPC

    Assist women on their journey to accelerate their results, and create a life they love living.

  • Coach Dr. Sydney Ceruto United States $99 - $100 USD Contact me 5 Star

    Dr. Sydney Ceruto

    Free Call!
    PhD MS BA

    The secret of CHANGE is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new

  • Coach Ana Vera United States   Contact me 5 Star

    Ana Vera

    Free Call!

    Consider me as a divine vessel to guide you to remember who you truly are.

  • Coach Reginald Richardson United States $10 - $1675 USD Contact me

    Reginald Richardson

    Free Call!

    Empowering clients to create a clear life vision, and direct their passions with purpose.

  • Coach Anfi Rey United States $100 - $150 USD Contact me

    Anfi Rey

    Free Call!
    M.S. Counseling Psychology

    Let's get rid of the "Road Blocks" of your success! Guidance and Support Through Out Your Journey.

  • Coach Deborah S. Nelson United States $50 - $150 USD Contact me

    Deborah S. Nelson

    Free Call!
    Writing, Publishing, and Book Coach

    As Book Coach, Nelson mentored 100+ writers through transformation from writer to published author.

  • Coach Meili Rasika Rego United States $30 - $285 USD Contact me

    Meili Rasika Rego

    Free Call!
    Life Coach, Relationship Coach

    Professional life coach, expert in transforming your life. Reclaim your life, contact us now!

  • Coach Adalys Martinez United States $40 - $75 USD Contact me

    Adalys Martinez

    Free Call!
    Certified Life Coach

    I will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. You will see results in only hours.

  • Coach J.C. Manning United States $150 - $1800 USD Contact me

    J.C. Manning

    Free Call!
    Professional Life Coach

    6+ years of Coaching and Facilitation experience!

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Five great reasons to hire a Miami life coach
Stop worrying about problems and start fixing them. Challenges stir up your emotions and make it hard to act. With a life coach you'll get calm guidance.
Become excited for each new day. You live in a hub of tourism and recreation. People come to Miami to feel good. A life coach helps you design your life so you don't lose your purpose and passion.
Life coaching shows you how to be mindful of your thoughts and actions. Mindfulness is one of the most important skills for being happy and fulfilled. When you pay attention all the time, you avoid making bad decisions. Coaching trains you to compare everything against your goals. If something will help you, then you do it. If it won't serve your needs, then you skip it. Mindfulness leads to control.
You can learn to manage your stress. This is one of the biggest issues for people. Stress makes it hard to think. But with life coaching you'll learn to protect yourself from this toxic force.
A happier life is a healthier life. The control and fulfillment you gain from life coaching supports your wellness. With less stress and more feelings of pride and satisfaction, your immune system will work better. You'll enjoy exercise more. Eating healthy will feel like the right choice and not a duty. Wellness emerges from the self care skills life coaching gives you.
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