lifecoach $75 USD Adalys Martinez Adalys Martinez I will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. You will see results in only hours.
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Adalys Martinez

Certified Life Coach 
Miami, Florida, United States
I will take you from where you are, to where you want to be. You will see results in only hours.

About me

I own a psychology & life coaching practice since 2008. It is through coaching clients that I see the most drastic shifts and people loving their lives. It inspires me everyday to make this kind of life changing difference.

I offer coaching in life areas that include: Relationships, Health, Fun, Money, Career, Emotions, Purpose, Motivation, Success. I use 1:1 sessions or group seminars to coach clients in achieving specific goals. Our Circle of Life Coaching System focuses on solutions and is delivered with passion, engaging power and humor that makes coaching not only moving, but downright inspirational and motivational! It leaves you wanting more and eager to go for what you most want.

With this system, you will see results in only hours and permanently. It is truly life changing!

Coaching with me

I help clients not only get out of that "stuck" feeling they may have in specific areas of their lives, but I also help clients come out enthusiastic and excited about their life no matter the circumstance. Typical areas people feel stuck in are:

-Relationships Problems
-Emotions; Feeling Depressed, Anxious, Angry
-Finances and/or Career
-Health, Nutrition and Fitness (overweight or out of shape)
-Lack of Motivation and Vitality
-Inability to Make Decisions
​-Lack of Purpose
-Just not Happy​

Getting "unstuck" alone does NOT meet my standards. You have to walk away feeing happy, and full of life.
I am aware that many clients are not walking in with energy and may be feeling down about their situation or life. I measure myself tactfully to bring them up and as their eyes begin to open to what's possible for them, their own vitality increases as a result. From there, we can accomplish anything, in a very short period of time.


Our winning life coaching system is delivered during regular daily, weekly or monthly sessions depending on the speed in which you can take action.

You will meet one on one with your coach either at the local office, or an agreed upon location. Other options include, coaching by telephone, video conference or through email, whichever is more convenient.

A Master Action Plan will be created by your coach and discussed with you. Once agreed upon, you will be coached to achieve your goals, through training, instruction or development.
Same as private coaching but conducted via online conferencing.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Psychology
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Leadership
  • Self-Expression
  • Relationships
  • NLP
I grew up in a household where my parents provided marriage guidance out of our home as service to the church. This included private couples and groups of couples at a time. I was surrounded by a lifestyle where you are thankful. You "find a solution" and "stop doing what isn't working."

I got to test this way of thinking and being when my mother was suddenly killed in a car accident, and over and over again as life kept dealing me some heavy blows. What saved me time and time again from going down a path of self-pity and even self-destruction was the life coaching approach I had on my life. It was an empowering approach to life.

After graduating with my psychology degree, I started providing counseling to the elderly and then federal offenders. This lead me to work in the criminal justice system for 12 years and was a Federal Officer until 2008, when I opened my own family run psychology/life coaching practice.

I love that coaching is profoundly different from therapy or counseling. This was so inspiring that I naturally evolved the practice to Life Coaching! As a coach, I get to be a "partner" whose only goal is the success of my client. I get to meet great people of all walks of life and focus on solutions. This is an amazing way to live and it is my passion.

Fee description

Fees: from $40 USD to $75 USD

Sessions are half hour, however, you may combine sessions if needed.
Also offering ​UNLIMITED coaching. Ask for details.


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