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Deborah S. Nelson

Writing, Publishing, and Book Coach 
Miami, Florida, United States

As Book Coach, Nelson mentored 100+ writers through transformation from writer to published author.

Writing coach BOOK COACH: Includes writing coaching, publishing coaching, author brand coaching

FEES from $50 USD to $150 USD for coaching packages. more...

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About me

Dreaming and writing—what do they have in common? Perhaps it is Deborah S. Nelson, who has united her two greatest talents within her most powerful personal development book series–Once Upon a Vision and Change Your Story Series. These books feature the outcome of transformation through writing and publishing a vision plan. Her ability to guide dreams to reality inspired Ms. Nelson to invent and author this unique three-part learning series. The series involves self-publishing a book as the final outcome of the curriculum.

Ms. Nelson specializes in:

  • Writing Coaching: Curriculum—33 Writing Hacks for Those Craving to Publish

  • Publishing Coaching: Curriculum—Self-Publishing Toolkit & Publish Your Book Blueprint

  • Author Brand Coaching: Curriculum—Brand Consultation & Logo Development Sheet

  • Vision Coaching: Curriculum—Change Your Story & Once Upon a Vision

Coaching with me


Expand your brand, net worth, and self-confidence by becoming a publishing author.

Whether publishing a book that shows your expertise, a novel that establishes your creativity, or a vision board book, which launches a new life design, publishing a book with Deborah S. Nelson will transform you.

My goal is to get your book to the finishing line. The lifelong dream to publish a book is now affordable, doable, and even profitable.

Your career or business can skyrocket once you become a published author. Friends and family will see you in a new light. This is the result Ms. Nelson expects for you. 


I am organized, motivational, while receptive to your needs, schedule, and personal style. This is a juggling act, but having worked with hundreds of people, I value uniqueness. Some clients are completely "hands-on" and others are CEOs or celebrities who require my ghostwriting services to "ghost publish" their book. 

All creative material—You retain 100% rights and royalties. My role is teaching, guiding, mentoring, and providing writing and publishing services required to get your book published.

Private custom coaching packages—Because everyone is different, I design custom private coaching packages aside from the basic ones offered. I also offer private ghostwriting services. 

Curriculum-based coaching—Fortunately, I developed various curriculums and use them in my coaching. To make your coaching more valuable, we use these resources as homework assignments. If you do not have time for homework, then we work on these during private coaching time. 

Creativity—Creativity requires a certain receptiveness, but at the same time, I am very tough on deadlines, goal setting, and manifesting your dreams and desires.

You set the pace, as we can design a custom private coaching package for you, but once you give me your word on what you want to do, I am here to help you win the publishing game.


Please feel free to visit my shop to see the details of my offerings.


Starter Package: Engaged to Be Published. 10 hours of Publishing or Writing Coaching

Get Your Book to the Finishing Line

Publishing is a comittment. Make the committment to be engaged to publish your book. This package is especially for writers who know a little something about self-publishing; but need the guidance of an experienced pro. Skip the fears & tears of learning digital publishing! Nelson's know-how saves you hours of time and frustrations! Retain 100% of your copyrights & royalties and publish to Amazon Books within months!

Do-it-Yourself Publishing with an Expert
As an independent publisher, you are not alone with Ms. Nelson on your advisory board. She can prevent you from potential pitfalls of self-publishing, as well as guide you to make your book look professional—not self-published. Count on her to walk you through setting up your own print on demand account. With this account, you may order your books one at any time for wholesale price.


My Coaching Specialties are not listed


Publishing Coach

Author Branding Coach

Entrepreneureal Coaching

Vision Coaching


Short courses or group coaching

Once Upon a Vision

An 8 week course which teaches how to write and publishing a simple vision book. Tell a new story, redesign your life, and learn publishing basics with this intense and effective transformational online course. Includes text book, workbook, and your published vision book.

Ongoing training

If we were to describe this course in one word it would be CLARITY. This is the first installation of the Dream Planning series—and prepares you to publish your own vision book. What is the vision book? Modeled after the dream board concept, the is a powerful way to combine the Power of the Pen and the Law of Attraction. You will study, learn, and practice the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps from the Newest Secret textbook and workbook. These books are included with the course in PDF formats.

Deborah S. Nelson does not teach traditional success modeling. Rather, the basis of her teaching is to help you set yourself up to model the best possible version of yourself. This six-week course meets once a week for 6 weeks for 1.5 hours in a personalized webinar venue with Author Deborah S. Nelson. We learn and practice the 10 Dreams to Reality Steps, with the Newest Secret text and workbook as the course curriculum. In this course, you will explore and discover the success blueprint for the best possible version our yourself—and with clarity, you will write the story to achieve that dream. This course is focused on you and your personal and unique method for achieving your concept of success. This is done step by step—and as you go through the 10 Steps in the Workbook, your new story practically writes itself! The clarity you’ll receive in this course is priceless!

Since all Ms. Nelson’s courses offer a self-help option, the most ambitious students may publish their vision book during this time. However, the course is designed to prepare the soil of the heart for publishing a vision book. DP 102 is solely dedicated to publishing the vision book. This course is beginner level and meets throughout 6 weeks for 1.5 hour weekly sessions.

Experience, Certifications and Training

  • Successful Client Testimonials are my best Certifications
  • Authored and published 22 books to Amazon

30 years in printing, publishing, advertising, marketing

20 years self employment with adveritsing, publishing and printing agency

3 years working inside a publishing company reading manuscripts and handing publishing production schedule for about 15 books published per year.

Taught many Once Upon a Vision Courses to many writers who publishing a new vision book to tell a new story of their life.

Fee description

Fees: from $50 USD to $150 USD

$150 an hour base price

Coaching packages for publishing, writing, or ghostwriting your book start from $40 an hour for larger packages actually required to get your book to the finishing line.


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