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What is a Healing Codes coach?

A Healing Codes coach is trained in the heart issues approach pioneered by Dr. Alex Lloyd and publicized in the book the Healing Code. Heart issues are negative beliefs, unhealthy images and destructive cellular memories that keep you from being healthy and successful. Energy from your negative emotions and beliefs is remembered by the very cells of your body. Your coach helps you create codes that adjust this energy. The process enlivens your spirit and body and leads to better health. A Healing Codes coach teaches you methods that wash away stress and disease.

What does a Healing Codes coach do?

Healing Codes are based the concept that the neuro-immune system can heal the body once stress is removed. A Healing Codes coach shows you how to thrive as a whole person by creating tailored codes for your specific heart issues.

Do I need a Healing Codes coach?

You may have tried following the Healing Code yourself, but have not received the benefits experienced by others. A Healing Codes coach will create tailored codes for you to use for your specific issue. Your coach will also help you work through the process, and discover where the blockage is occurring in allowing you to achieved genuine relief from your suffering.


Healing Codes coaches

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  • Coach Soraya Roberts United Kingdom $25 - $75 USD Contact me

    Soraya Roberts

    Free Call!

    I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual coach, working with a very simple method called Emotion Code.

  • Coach marc allès Canada $75 - $1600 USD Contact me

    marc allès

    Free Call!
    MBA, Masters Metaphysic theology

    Equ: MBA, Masters Metaphysic theology Philosophy i offer coaching and teaching

  • Coach Martin Stefanov Petkov United Kingdom $70 - $1500 USD Contact me

    Martin Stefanov Petkov

    Free Call!
    Master your Super Power

    I help people master their super power - mind, body, and heart in alignment.

  • Coach Sandra T Australia $40 - $100 USD Contact me

    Sandra T

    Free Call!
    BA Commerece

    Health and healing (both physical and spiritual), relationship and business counselling.

  • Coach Becka Bossons United States $50 - $150 USD Contact me

    Becka Bossons

    Free Call!
    Certified HypnoCoach

    Using life coaching and hypnotherapy, I help clients discover their goals and create change.

  • Coach Vihang Walve United States $75 - $2500 USD Contact me

    Vihang Walve

    Free Call!
    Yogic lifestyle coaching

    I am from India and have studied extensively on vedic philosophy & life style.

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How can a Healing Codes coach help me?

A Healing Codes coach clears out the emotions that are making you sick or unhappy. You'll learn to switch on the positive. The negative energy that has been pouring into your body will stop. And if it comes back, you'll know how to deal with it.

Healing codes coaching has proven very helpful with:

  • Recovering from chronic disease
  • Ending the repercussions of trauma
  • Gaining self esteem
  • Relieving stress
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

You are already searching for something better for yourself. You know that something is not right. And if your health or happiness is suffering, then a Healing Codes coach can reveal a brighter path to control, contentment and optimism. With the skills you gain through coaching to master the Healing Codes, you'll be able to maintain your wellbeing.

A healing codes coach explores your heart issues. Together you find the source of your underlying sickness, fatigue or lack of fulfillment. Then you learn to consider how these heart issues make you feel. And the coach invites you to look for memories that create these feelings.

Next, the coaching process develops methods or codes that you use to create new ways of feeling about these memories.

This powerful form of energy medicine connects your heart, mind and body. From this alignment you gain inner peace into the future. You are no longer letting painful feelings drag down your health or motivation.


Five great reasons to hire a Healing Codes coach

Healing codes coaching has delivered results for people when other things have failed. This is a scientifically based system that increases wellness.
You'll learn to process negative emotions. The coach teaches you how to maintain a positive flow that strengthens your immune system.
The healing codes coach can help you address the heart issues holding you back from success or happiness. The coach will teach you how to release the strain from your body.
Improving your wellness with healing codes could reduce serious health issues like asthma, high blood pressure and depression.
Working with a healing codes coach could repay you with lower medical costs. The enhancements to your wellness help manage chronic issues and make you feel much better. A happier heart makes for a happier body.
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